“Honestly Cheeky Beauty.”

About Nosegasm.com:

    Nosegasm.com is a platform dedicated to bringing honest reviews, educational demonstrations, and insider editorial articles about beauty products to savvy consumers. Content includes fine fragrance, skincare, makeup, beauty tools, male grooming, hair, nails, body care and more. The website, established in 2013, publishes 2-3 carefully selected features in a calendar month, written by founder Gil Segev.

About the Founder:

Gil Segev

    Gil Segev is an Honors student of Criminology and Professional Writing at York University, published fiction and non-fiction author and Fragrance Education Coordinator for Christian Dior Parfums. He has ample experience in luxury and niche cosmetics retail including LUSH Cosmetics, Sephora, Coty, and Inglot, as well as television production and makeup for stage and photography. His passion for beauty and honest reporting is what propels every aspect of the Nosegasm.com brand. You can find examples of Gil’s professional writing in the following esteemed publications:

     Writer’s Digest, ODOU Magazine, the York Region District School Board Co-op newsletter, the King Weekly Sentinel, online on Visibility Fiction’s website and in anthologies including Harmony Ink Press’s “Harmonious Hearts” and “Take Me Back,” “Let There Be Dragons” and “The Memory Machine” from Polar Expressions Publishing.

Our Values:

    Honesty ● Transparency ● Responsibility ● Accountability


4 responses to “About

  1. Gil, I truly believe we share the same mind, but a different body. I adore perfume. To be wholly accurate, I adore aroma science and everything complicated, marvelous and impossible to understand about it. Two books I’ve recently finished reading and hold like biblicl tombs are The Emperor of Scent (Chandler Burr) and Season to Taste (Moly Birnbaum). In fact, I just finished an article all about the nose that will post in two weeks time.
    Meanwhile, I plan to come back here often for new and reviews. Good luck to you!

    • Shelley,

      Thank you so much for your comment! It’s great to have a fellow perfume lover here, especially one that knows all about the techie aspects of it!

      I will definitely be adding those books to my reading list, right after I finish Chandler’s other book, The Perfect Scent. I await your article!

  2. Great job on this blog Gil! You’ve got a new reader and I’m thrilled to follow this fragrance journey with you. Keep up the great work.

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