Classic Fragrances for Father’s Day: Giorgio Armani Code & Acqua Di Gio review

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     As everyone knows, Father’s Day is just around the corner, and along with neck ties, cologne is probably the most popular gift you can give to your Dad this June 18th. Whenever I’m helping clients to find gifts, I like to ask what style of clothing the recipient prefers to wear, because it can tell you so much about the type of fragrance they may enjoy. For example, if someone wears business suits to work every day, I wouldn’t likely recommend a funky fruity number for them, or if the recipient frequents track pants and tank-tops, a sophisticated, mature scent may not be the right fit.

     Giorgio Armani’s men’s fragrances are iconic because they fit so many different styles. Casual, preppy, and even well-dressed guys will find Armani Code and Acqua Di Gio perfect, which makes them fool-proof gifts.

     Armani Code from 2004 is an oriental spicy scent by perfumers Antoine Lie, Antoine Maisondieu and Clement Gavarry. What I love about Armani Code from a creative standpoint is its unique combination of unusual notes, including star anise, olive blossom, and guaiac wood. It also features lemon, bergamot, tonka beans, leather, and tobacco.

     The star anise lends Armani Code a subtle licorice flavor, while the leather and lemon both ground it and give it freshness. Because it hits so many different types of notes, it really takes on whatever you need it too; running out to the hardware store? Check. Going for a job interview? Check. Big date night? Double check! It is an ageless scent that works well for everyone, and if you really can’t make up your mind on what Dad will like, you simply cannot go wrong with Armani Code. Available from from $41.01-139.26* Canadian, and use promo code “nosegasm” for 30% off your order until the 14th.

     And while you can certainly throw into the gift package a matching deodorant stick, I recommend switching it up with Giorgio Armani’s other timeless classic, Acqua Di Gio. This one dates back to 1996, and is signed by the master nose Alberto Morillas. Acqua Di Gio really set the scene for future aromatic aquatic colognes, with fresh citrus notes, earthy woods, and the ever-present aroma of the ocean. Its clean, fresh nature lends itself perfectly to this alcohol-free deodorant stick, only $21.58* Canadian at (don’t forget the promo code!).

     I hope this quick review gives you an idea of what Dad will enjoy this Father’s Day, and if you’re still not sure head over to’s Father’s Day Gift Finder, which will sort your options based on product type, price range, and even designer name. Can’t wait to see your choices! Thank you to for organizing this review.

*Prices true at time of writing.

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