Summertime Sadness: Kenzo L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac and Givenchy Gentlemen Only Fraîche reviews

     Four years ago I created this blog to help catalog my thoughts and opinions about the ever-changing world of beauty, and in the process I’ve learned that I too change like the weather. My tastes in perfume, makeup, and skin care have changed so much in the last four years, and because of this website I can recall what I used to think and like before.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Fraiche

     When I looked up “Givenchy” in the site’s search bar, I found an article from 2013 about a fragrance sampler from Shoppers Drug Mart, a Canadian drugstore. It would seem that my unimpressed first impression of Hot Couture was my first reference for the brand! I also bashed Dahlia Noir, but I was impressed by Pi. Still, I never knew much about the brand until the influencer dinner Dave Lackie hosted in 2015, where I met both their general manager and PR contact. Over rosemary & lemon chicken breast and drunken berry bread pudding I gained respect for this French house of master perfumery. Today I recognize them for the influence they have enjoyed for decades, and the quality flankers they seem to launch every few seasons. I’ve since reviewed Pi Extreme (a fall 2016 favorite of mine), Parisian Break, and most recently Gentlemen Only Absolute and Dahlia Divin Le Nectar de Parfum.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Fraiche

     So today, to mark off the end of the university school year and my newly found free time, I wanted to share with you the latest release from the house, which launched last week at Hudson’s Bay in Canada. It is part of the Gentlemen Only family, a well-known collection of men’s fragrances that launched at the same time as my blog in 2013, and has done similarly well for itself since. At the time of writing, you can find all but Parisian Break on counter, however if you missed out still has some in stock for an amazing price, and it is so worth it.

Givenchy Gentlemen Only Fraiche

     The new Gentlemen Only Fraîche replaces Parisian Break, with nearly identical notes. It is designed to be the fresh summertime alternative to the spicy original, which I’ve always found best suited for the winter months. With notes of tangy lemon, zippy mint, calming sage, warm amber and slightly spicy ambroxan. There’s great balance to the composition, it really feels like all the notes are in harmony with each other. When I smell Fraîche I think of wearing all white to the coast, driving with the windows down on a warm and sunny day, the wind whipping in my hair, with a bottle of sweet lemonade in my hand. It would be both a wonderful vacation fragrance for those who dislike the cliché suntan lotion “beach” scents we’re seeing popping everywhere, and a casual everyday scent that could wear from day to night. I think it lasts very well on the skin, and would recommend you try it if you’re a fan of Dior’s Sauvage and Versace’s Eros. Would also make a great gift for a younger man, or a sporty kind of guy. It’ll be selling for $98, which is really a great value. See if you can wrangle a gift out of the counters, as well!

     Next I want to mention this exciting launch from Givenchy’s sister brand, Kenzo. Kenzo’s name is perhaps overshadowed by its bottles, like the iconic Jeu d`Amour or Flower collections. For this summer we’ll be seeing a pair of limited edition flankers in the L’Eau par Kenzo range, named L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac pour Femme and pour Homme, respectively. Retailing for $78 each, they’re a fun take on the aquatic L’Eau, with colorful anemone designs in blue, pink, and teal.

L'Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac

     Signed by Olivier Cresp, L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac pour Homme is a spicy fresh scent with notes of yuzu, lime, pink pepper, guaiac wood, and cardamom. You know by now that I am not a fan of spicy scents, but the balance of fresh to spicy is achieved well in this case. Pour Femme was created by Christophe Raynaud, whose work includes 1 Million and La Nuit Tresor. He chose the unconventional and lovely combination of lotus flower and pear to be the center of this feminine scent, which results in a delicate, girly perfume which feels as though slipping into a silk robe. Complete with notes of orange, musk, and jasmine, this will be a great addition to your summer date-night wardrobe.

Kenzo L'Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac

     Thank you so much to LVMH Parfums and Anais in particular for sending these bottles for my review, I was thrilled to receive them and so, so impressed with the longevity, creativity, and quality displayed in each new launch. Givenchy is quickly becoming a staple brand for me, and now I’m curious to try more of their makeup as well! Gentlemen Only Fraîche is available now, and the L’Eau Kenzo Aquadisiac duo will be on counter in June.

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out Givenchy at their website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

You can check out Kenzo at their website and Facebook.

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