From the Editor’s Desk: The State of Things, January 2017

     Hello, beloved reader!

     I realize it’s been a rather dull month here on, and I apologize if you feel in any way neglected. Not to make excuses, but work and school have simply taken the large majority of my time. You might find a little more action over on my Instagram page, where I aim to post on a consistent basis.

     There is another reason why I haven’t written many reviews on the blog this month, and that is that not many products have found their way to me. For the past two years I have gotten a steady stream of PR packages to share online, but recently they’ve come to a halt. I’ll assure you that the offers still come, and certainly no bridges have been burned in any way. Rather, the lack of free time on my hands has forced me to take a step back and prioritize. Until I hold my degree in my hands three to four years from now, that’ll probably always hold true.

     I think there is also a sense in the industry of over-saturation, which is especially true in the blog-o-sphere. There are so many bloggers writing about the same sponsored content, and readers are becoming disheartened. Since I work in cosmetics retail, I can also clue you in that buyers aren’t rushing to stores this month, either. Everyone seems to be thinking, how much is too much? That makes coming up with original, useful content challenging.

     I’m in no way implying that beauty is dead, or that it’s reached a certain tipping point and everything will go downhill from here. All I’m saying is that I get the general sense that we all need to slow it down and focus on what’s really important. This blog is still my precious baby and I don’t see myself abandoning it in the foreseeable future, but I’m not chasing content, either. When inspiration strikes, that’s when I’ll jump online to talk to you.

     Another aspect to my relative inactivity (four posts this month as opposed to my regular 10+) is that I’m on a decluttering and minimizing journey. Since the spring I’ve been actively keeping a digital inventory of every item in my beauty collection, from mini fragrance bottles to eyeliners to serums. What I found scared me (100+ perfumes, 50+ lipsticks, 30 moisturizers, etc.), and I vowed to never let it get out of hand again. Granted, much of it was free to me (aforementioned PR samples, gratis, and gifts), but the space and time it was costing me were ridiculous. I’ve effectively placed myself on a “no buy” of whatever I don’t need. I am not allowed to spend money on products as long as I already have something at home. The goal is to go through as much as possible from the stash before it expires, throw out what can’t be used anymore, and start from scratch in 2017.

     So far, it hasn’t been easy. Working in the retail environment means I am constantly eyeing new purchases, and stalking Instagram doesn’t help, either. I am constantly wanting more, and the trick is to talk myself out of it. I’ve found that listening to Kimberly Clark‘s anti-hauls on YouTube, watching TED Talks about producing less waste, and tracking each and every single purchase helps me to avoid impulse buys and cuts down the amount of waste I’m creating. In January I only purchased one tub of body scrub (on clearance from The Body Shop, smells terrible though) and tube of toothpaste (dentist recommended, actually amaze-balls), replacing the only ones I had left. If you’re keeping up with my empties series, you’ll see I’m slowly but surely making a dent in the stash, too, by wearing more makeup and taking my time with my skincare regimen.

     This year is proving to be anything but simple. School, work, politics (yikes), and decluttering mean I am constantly thinking about how to live a better life. In addition to curbing my beauty addiction, I’ve also begun to shop second-hand for clothing and books, thus helping to reduce my environmental footprint. If you’re interested in thrift hauls, let me know and I’ll post them on my social media. All this to say, thank you for coming along for the ride, and my apologies again for the relative quiet over here. I hope that a few amazing pieces pop up in the future so that I can share them with you, but in the meantime know that I am well, I am productive, and I am happier than I’ve been a while.

     Until next time, have a lovely and safe weekend.

          — Gil


One response to “From the Editor’s Desk: The State of Things, January 2017

  1. you are amazing and nothing short of awesome thx for all your reviews there great


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