Gotta Catch ‘Em All: Demeter Fragrance Library winter 2017

     Fragrance collecting is, despite all the positive things, expensive. If you subscribe to Fragrantica (which I recommend you do) you may be tempted to purchase every new bottle that launches, but you’d go broke in the process! That’s why it is so great to find and share affordable alternatives to pricey splurges. Who said that cheap equals bad?

     I’ve talked about Demeter Fragrance Library many times in the past, which you can track under this tag. They’re a family owned niche brand that you can find online and in select specialty and supermarket stores across North America. None of their fragrances top $20, which makes them ideal for personal hoarding, gift-giving, layering and blending. What sets them apart, besides the great prices, is the unique approach to capturing simple true-to-life aromas. Some of their best-sellers include Baby PowderGin & TonicDirt, and my personal favorite Pizza.

     This winter they sent me a selection of their newest releases, which are available for purchase now. I wanted to share with you my impressions to help you make a decision if you’ve been considering an order. Note that many of these fragrances are available in a variety of body and home fragrance products, also on the affordable side.

     Ever thought you were getting one thing, but then realized it’s not at all what you expected? Meet Blood Lime. This menacing-sounding cologne merges blood orange with classic lime, and the result is pure genius. If you purposely poured a bottle of Sprite on yourself, then followed with a can of Orange Fanta, you’d come close to the fizzy, sweet citrus scent that comes out of Blood Lime. It smells absolutely scrumptious, and would be so perfect for the pop addict in your life (still waiting on a Coke-inspired fragrance!). The dry-down is a little more mellow with tropical fruity notes.

     Inspired by another thirst-quenching beverage, this time Brazil’s national cocktail of choice, Caipirinha takes the senses on a wild trip. Sugar and citrus meet rum and it’s a total “festa.” Smells like the dance floor of someplace far away, and very sensual! Just keep away from the Designated Driver.

     Sometimes Demeter likes to pursue less literal scents and make “traditional” perfumes, and First Kiss is a good example. With notes of pansy, champagne and sugar, it is meant to capture the feeling of anxiety and euphoria of a first kiss shared. I don’t know about you, but the first kiss is always my favorite! This has a slightly spiced bubble gum-y vibe, and I think I would like it best in a body wash and lotion set.

     We’ve covered the pretty scents, now let’s talk downright weird. The unfortunately named Fuzzy Balls is the limited-edition aroma of a new can of tennis balls in all its glory. It’s hard to describe the effect; sweet and fresh, with a slight plastic-y feel. If you’re a US Open fan, you should try it out!

     Finally, this is the Winter Collection Foolproof Blending Trio set, which includes Royal ApricotSiberian Pine and Rooibos Red Tea. While great alone, these three are specifically selected for layering in any combination. They’re guaranteed to smell great! RA is a synthetic and fresh smelling sweet apricot scent; SP is a gentle, cool-toned and masculine pine fragrance that evokes a snowy forest. And RRT is a fascinating study in sharp fruity notes and chai. My favorite way to wear them together is three sprays of SP, two RA and one spray of RRT. The result smells strikingly similar to Winter by Dasein, but more fruity, like a cup of fruit tea enjoyed in a musky cabin in cool weather. I think I’ll call this layering combination Happy PlaceRA and RRT also work beautifully together in a one-one ratio.

     So there you have it, a quick rundown of what you should check out from Demeter Fragrance Library this winter. I am always down to try their innovative and creative olfactory pieces, and they never disappoint! Thank you to Blair for organizing this review!

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out Demeter Fragrance Library at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

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