America’s Sweetheart: Taylor Swift Wonderstruck Enchanted review


     I’m a couple days late to the game, but I still wanted to take this opportunity to wish America’s Sweetheart Taylor Swift a very happy 27th birthday and talk about my love for her and her fragrances. I grew up singing and dancing to her songs (“15” was playing as I walked into my first day of high-school, and “Long Live” at my graduation), so despite myself I couldn’t help falling in love with her perfumes. Celebrity scents have come and gone from my life, but these stuck.

     When Wonderstruck came out Taylor was just 22 years of age, between her “Speak Now” and upcoming “Red” albums. It was a time of growth for the singer-songwriter, who would go on to dominate many arenas and song charts around the world. She developed her first perfume with the noses at Elizabeth Arden, who would market it aggressively in department and drug-stores for a few years, aiming to capture the imaginations of her young fans. Needless to say, it worked. Wonderstruck Enchanted was introduced one year later, and three more bottles followed in a short time span. I still have a fond place in my heart for the Wonderstruck franchise, but Taylor and Incredible Things are also worth checking out.

Taylor Swift Wonderstruck & Wonderstruck Enchanted

© Gil Segev 2016 was kind enough to send me a bottle of Wonderstruck Enchanted for my review, which retails for approximately $60. However, on their website you can find it for as little as $20.99* for a full-sized bottle, which is fantastic. The product is, of course, authentic and smells just as good as the ones Sears Eaton Center so proudly displayed before they closed. I absolutely adore the bulbous glass bottle, which appears to be a gorgeous dark crimson color but transforms into a rainbow of shimmers in direct light. The cap is decorated with a bohemian pattern and a chain holding four charms, a bird, a crystal, a leaf and a flower. These are open to interpretation. The bottle looks like it might hold a magic potion, or may even represent a deadly poisoned apple. Either way, it is a perfect fairy-tale accessory for the bewitching line.

     Some celebrity scents are meant to evoke their namesake icon, but I have a feeling Wonderstruck Enchanted was meant to please her followers instead. This oriental vanilla is filled with sweet fruits and warm undertones, making it decisively “girly” and youthful. Somehow, this makes it that much more attractive to me. The opening smells like fruit sherbet, sugary and fruity and light. Notes of mixed berries and vanilla dominate the air, as well as the sharply contrasting woodsy elements that make it less edible and more wearable. This actually lasts a really long time, and when it finally fades it turns into a clean musk that it detectable 8+ hours later. It seems to radiate in a soft halo around the body, and I love to wear it from day to night, whatever the season. Plus, I revel in the compliments this brings every time I wear it. It’s probably one of the most versatile and “successful” perfumes in my collection!

     Have you tried Taylor Swift’s perfumes? If you’re trying to decide between the two Wonderstruck‘s, know that they are practically identical in aroma. The fruits and florals are slightly different, but the effect is the same. Even better, grab both from and enjoy smelling like the teenage girl you always wanted to be!

You can check out at their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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