Guest Article: the Top Beauty Influencers You Should Follow

     The internet can easily help you discover new beauty trends. However, with so many profiles on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, finding truly influential people can become challenging. If you want to learn more about beauty trends and tricks that really work, start by following these top beauty influencers.

Influencers to Follow on Facebook

     Following these three beauty influencers on Facebook is like getting tips from your closest friends. Follow them to make your Facebook feed a fun place that you can’t wait to visit!

Style Like U – 52.4K likes

Style Like U is a mother–daughter team that encourages people to uncover natural beauty. Follow Elisa and Lilly to learn more about choosing outfits that bring out the best in your figure so that you can come to feel more comfortable with your body.

Freddie Harrel – 3.3K likes

Freddie Harrel gives corporate workshops and public talks about embracing your true self and letting your beauty shine through. Because she travels all over the world, she has the chance to pick up clothing and accessories that you wouldn’t expect to see together. Like her Facebook page to see how she turns an eclectic wardrobe into her own personal fashion show. She will inspire you to try a new look that works for you.

Amway US – 451.2K likes

Amway is one of the few large companies that carries an extensive line of organic cosmetics. Like the Amway Facebook page to keep up with the company’s latest products. Yes, they’re promoting their own products, but Amway also uses its Facebook page to share inspiring stories about men and women who promote health and beauty. If you want to follow beauty tips that will keep you looking your best throughout every stage of life, you need to check out this top influencer.

Top YouTube Channels to Follow

     YouTube allows beauty influencers to show you exactly what they mean when they explain how to use cosmetics. Instead of just writing about their tips, YouTube influencers get to show you. There are hundreds of YouTube channels that deserve a mention, but these three have something special that makes them essential.

Wayne Goss – 2.7 million subscribers

Wayne Goss is an English makeup artist who has more than 15 years of experience. His videos also have more than 339 million views, so he’s had a heavy influence on the way that people use makeup. Goss does more than post instructional makeup videos every three days. He also reviews products to help you choose options that will look wonderful on your skin. Bonus: he had his own line of brushes for purchase.

Bethany Mota – 10.2 million subscribers

Bethany Mota has been posting videos on YouTube since 2009. Over the years, she’s managed to attract more than 10 million followers, and fans have watched her videos more than 887 million times. When you follow Mota on YouTube, you get to enjoy videos about the things she loves most: style, beauty, travel, comedy, and how to exhibit a positive outlook on life.

Nitraa B – 594.7K subscribers

Nitraa B doesn’t rely on a large production crew to make perfect videos. She does, however, have a fun personality and plenty of great tips that have influenced many beautiful people. She covers everything from hair removal to weaves. Follow her YouTube channel to keep up with the latest beauty products and to learn how to use them.

Twitter Handles That Emphasize Beauty

     Twitter gives beauty influencers a quick way to deliver tips and reviews to followers. After you start following these handles on Twitter, you will inevitably learn about other influencers who run in similar circles. Use these two important profiles to discover beauty experts whom you will love.

@TotalBeauty – 54.5K followers

Following @TotalBeauty on Twitter will fill your feed with motivational quotes, pictures of beautiful people, and product reviews that will help you save money. Among its more than 54,000 followers are both professionals and ordinary people who just want to look their best.

@sugarpillmakeup – 88K followers

Another company page with heart, @sugarpillmakeup specializes in sharing tips about cruelty-free cosmetics. The Twitter handle puts out daily posts about high-quality cosmetics and shows you how to use them. Although it mostly focuses on product reviews, @sugarpillmakeup also shares some articles on getting better results from the makeup you already own.

Blogs That Will Help You Look Your Best

     Blogs offer a lot of flexibility that beauty influencers don’t get from social media platforms, allowing them to produce articles, videos, and other types of content to share their ideas with viewers. These three influencers stand out as some of the best who reach their audience through blogging.

She’s in the Glow

She’s in the Glow describes itself as an organic-inspired blog for the modern woman. The blog covers just about anything you could want to know about cosmetics. In the past, She’s in the Glow has published articles on topics such as anti-aging beauty devices, making eyebrows look fuller for special occasions, and upcoming makeup releases that everyone should check out.She’s in the Glow has been around for only a couple of years, but it has already made an impact on readers.

Curly Nikki

Curly Nikki is all about empowering women with natural hair. The blog was started by a woman who had a difficult time embracing her naturally curly hair. Today, it chronicles her travels around the world, describes fun ways to wear curly hair, and offers a forum where readers can share advice with each other. If you’ve struggled with curly hair, you need to see how Nikki makes the most of her curls.

A Model Recommends

A Model Recommends gives you beauty advice directly from professional model Ruth Crilly, who has been working in the industry for more than a decade. She primarily produces content about beauty and fashion, but you’ll also see some articles about traveling and staying stylish before and after having a baby. You’d have to be crazy to pass up an opportunity to learn beauty secrets from someone who gets paid to look gorgeous.

No matter what platform you prefer, you can find a beauty influencer who offers ideas and skills that will teach you new things about looking your best. Don’t forget that you can use social media to connect with other people who share your interests. That’s always part of the fun!

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