The Ultimate Arm Candy: Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence review


     If you like getting the newest beauty releases for less, I urge you to check out They carry genuine, authentic perfumes, colognes, makeup and skincare for a fraction of the retail price. You’ll also find discontinued fragrances that you can’t find anywhere else, making them the ultimate shopping destination. sent me the latest launch from the house of Marc Jacobs, called Divine Decadence, to share with you today. It is the 2016 sister to last year’s best-selling Decadence. Both scents are marketed by Coty Inc. and are available as part of the permanent collection in Sephora, Shoppers Drug Mart and Hudson’s Bay.

     Marc Jacobs, who is an American fashion designer known for his work at Louis Vuitton from 1997 to 2013, is famous for having a heavy influence in the design of his bottles. They are as much part of his brand as the fashion he sends down the runway in his namesake couture collection. For the original Decadence he asked for a bottle in the shape of a handbag, working off the idea of carrying perfume in a woman’s purse, and was initially rejected on the grounds of prohibiting production costs. In the end he got what he wanted, and what came out of that is one of the most unique and beautiful bottles on shelves. For this new version, the cap was re-imagined as turquoise python leather, and the glass is clear. The juice inside is a dark pastel mint. Note that the black tassel on the cap does not come with the smaller bottles, and that the name on the bottle remains unchanged. Retail price for Divine Decadence is $140*, however at you can find it for just $99.85 CAD*. That’s pretty amazing, if you ask me!

     So when it comes to the Marc Jacobs fragrance family, I’m the first to admit that Decadence isn’t my favorite of the bunch. I much more prefer HoneyViolet, and Daisy Hot Pink Edition. That being said, I think it is worth talking about anyways because I know many people will be considering it for the holidays simply based on the stunning bottle. The official notes for Marc Jacobs’s oriental floral Divine Decadence are: champagne extract, orange blossom, creamy bergamot, gardenia, hydrangea, honeysuckle, saffron, vanilla and liquid amber. Only the saffron and liquid amber carried over from the original.

Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence

© Gil Segev 2016

     I find a striking difference between the two, less like identical twins with minute differences and more like close sisters. Divine is a little fresher and lighter, but if you liked the original I can pretty much guarantee you will like her, too. You’ll also be pleased to know that it projects equally well. When I smell Divine Decadence I imagine a frigid spring morning, when the sun’s rays are only beginning to creep through the last ice-covered branches inside a wild forest. As they warm the air, the cold aroma of early blossoming flowers mingles with the sweet promise of summer, with a hint of citrus fruit and yummy vanilla. It does have the effervescent quality that is suggestive of bubbly champagne, as well as the unidentifiable “poisonous” note that its predecessor is known for; it is an addictive bitter bubblegum kind of scent that you either love or hate. Overall it is very pretty and in my opinion, the better of the two.

     I think that Divine Decadence will do equally well as the original with fans of the category. I also think that fans of Marc Jacobs will seek it out. Big thanks to the team at for their continued support of this blog and for sending this to me! My mom snatched the bottle as soon as I was done photographing it for this review, but luckily Coty followed up with a bottle for me, too… score!

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out at their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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8 responses to “The Ultimate Arm Candy: Marc Jacobs Divine Decadence review

  1. I love shopping at! I have gotten so many great deals there compared to other sites.

    Great notes in both of these babies, but, I would probably agree with you and choose Divine Decadence.

    • Hi Amy! I’m so glad you’ve had a positive experience with I have too! I bought my dad a The Art of Shaving Kit from them this summer and he loved it! I would definitely recommend Divine, let me know if you end up getting it! :*

  2. The handbag bottle is so creative! It’s gorgeous! Love Marc Jacobs scents & they also make a wonderful gift at this time of year.

  3. I must begin by saying that I am a 54 year old woman who is very selective about my fragrance wardrobe. I choose unique and unconventional scents. I generally like one out of 30 fragrances that I try. I want to wear a fragrance that smells like no one else. I am unique so I want my fragrance to reflect that. Out of all the Marc Jacobs fragrances his Original and Essence were the only two that were suitable for my taste. I tried all the other’s but none of them worked for me. His bottles are beautiful and original. However I felt that the girly fragrances were too immature for my taste. Then I met Decadence. I almost loved it! Almost. I very much liked the spicy and Earthy fragrance. Just a tad too strong. It was almost perfect. So unique, I purchased. Didn’t wear often due to intensity. Remedy? Enter Devine Decadence. Perfect formulation is 1 squirt of Decadence and one squirt of Devine Decadence. Together they equate perfection!

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