Scent of a Woman: Puredistance Master Perfumes SHEIDUNA review

     I was very happy to receive a small sample of the newest scent from Puredistance Master Perfumes last month, called SHEIDUNA. Mary is on their marketing and communications team, and she briefly hinted about this latest release when we met in the spring. As it is hitting stores this month, I wanted to briefly explore this new juice and give you my honest opinion. As they write in the press release: “The release of a new Perfume is always a big happening in our company.” I think we as perfume collectors can relate!

Puredistance Master Perfumes SHEIDUNA

© Gil Segev 2016

     How stinking cute is the packaging for this 5 ml travel spray? These are shipping out with special SHEIDUNA purchases, ranging from €175-€490. I admit they’re not cheap, but hey, who said they are? This is one of the top European niche brands at the minute, so you’re paying equally for the ingredients, packaging and prestige of having something special and unique. That being said, sample packs are available for €59, so there is a way for everyone to enjoy them.

     SHEIDUNA, composed of the words “she,” “Sheika” and “dune,” was created in collaboration with perfumer Cécile Zarokian, who is no stranger to the niche world. In fact, she’s the creator of my favorite Jul et Mad Paris juice called Aqua Sextius. She, in partnership with Puredistance, came under fire in the community a little while ago. It is unclear if some critic was attempting to call into question their manufacturing process or their claims in regards to ingredients, but this is the statement that made its way to me in response:

The pure perfume oil (concentrate) of SHEIDUNA is made by a company specializing in high quality ingredients in Grasse and made into perfume by Stephid, a company North of Paris that services many of the leading niche perfume brands. Stephid also does extensive testing before the perfume is approved (a process that takes almost 3 months) and consequently SHEIDUNA is compliant with IFRA standards.

     I hope that this puts to rest any worries readers might have about what they might have read (I personally haven’t seen the criticisms).

Puredistance Master Perfumes SHEIDUNA

© Gil Segev 2016

     The juice balances many heavy ingredients such as incense, myrhh, clove, patchouli, rose and tonka bean with lighter, fresher components, such as tangerine, lemon, vanilla and black currant. Based on the notes and the initial blast, it’s like the festivity of Christmas in a bottle; tangy, sweet, and lightly spiced. The really nice thing about the opening of SHEIDUNA is that is truly incorporates all the ingredients in a smooth and wearable way. The notes that really stand out are vanilla, tangerine, and black currant.

     But, then it changes. Those notes dance away, leaving behind a light trail of vanilla. Amber takes center stage, mixed with benzoin. What was before a happy scent turns serene, inwards turned. Some would say it gets softer, I say it changes completely. There’s an underlying patchouli aroma that gives it character, a hint of spice to make it jump off the skin. And by the one hour mark, SHEIDUNA reaches its resting place in the dry down. It will shift no longer, content in its final form of mellow prettiness. This is, much like WHITE before it, a wonderful perfume for a special woman. I can’t wait to pull it out more frequently around the holiday season. Thank you Mary, Jan and Cecile for the lovely care package!

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out Puredistance at their website or follow them on Twitter.

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