From the Editor’s Desk: Summer 2016 Beauty Empties

     In today’s review I’m going to show you the products I’ve used up since this spring, and you’ll find my quick impressions on them below. For reference, WNR stands for Would Not Repurchase/Recommend and WR is Would Repurchase/Recommend. Products sent to me for review consideration or gratis marked with an asterisk.


© Gil Segev 2016


  • Got2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray ($6.28*): What a waste of money, it didn’t give me half the hold my regular Aussie hair spray does. On top of that, it sprays all over the place and is gigantic to store. WNR


  • The Body Shop Vanilla Brulee Body Butter ($21*): A very gross interpretation of vanilla, a little powdery and floral. WNR
  • Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Body Lotion: This was a better vanilla, but still not perfect. Did get a few compliments for it. WNR
  • Bath & Body Works Twisted Peppermint Sparkling Snowflake Scrub: Big talk with no results. It wasn’t rough enough for my taste and smelled like mint toothpaste. WNR
  • LUSH Cosmetics Prince Charming Shower Cream ($10*): A limited time Valentine’s Day product, it smelled very fruity and sweet but odd. Again, I love this creamy formula and it lasted forever, but I wouldn’t buy this scent again for myself. WNR
  • *Viktor & Rolf Bonbon Body Cream ($100*): Smells very sugary and unlike the citrus based perfume. Pretty thin consistency, a little shimmer, gorgeous packaging. WNR
  • *Avon Planet Spa Perfectly Purifying Bath Salts ($10*): I used half of the container for each bath, and the salts dissolved completely with some mixing. Potent scent in the jar, nothing in the water. It is very expensive for what it is. WNR
  • The Body Shop Smoky Poppy Body Butter ($21*): Quite a masculine scent, but also a little grandma floral. They thought it would do a lot better than it did when it launched for Valentine’s Day 2 years ago, but alas it is just okay. WNR
  • *Avon Senses Body Care Creamy Fruity Yogurt Exfoliating Body Scrub ($10*): Lovely sweet smell, creamy formula with lots of seeds to scrub gently. Would recommend for those with senstivie skin, personally I need something rougher. WNR

© Gil Segev 2016


  • *Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara ($30*): Really liked the volume and drama it gave at first, but after a month it got clumpy. WNR
  • *Estée Lauder Desert Beige Youth-Infusing Makeup SPF 25 – Perfectionist ($50*): My first high end foundation and nothing will ever be the same. It is a medium coverage foundation and had a tendency to break up on me throughout the day, but I’m grateful for the introduction. WNR
  • *Know Cosmetics Pizazz No Dark Shadows Complexion Inhancer ($19.99*): Medium coverage, very yellow undereye concealer with a nice brush applicator. WNR

© Gil Segev 2016


  • *Murad Essential-C Cleanser ($36*): A very mundane cleanser, nothing stood out except that it took a wild ammount of product just to get a little lather. WNR
  • *Boscia Purifying Cleanser Gel ($28*): I felt like this gave me a thorough cleanse, and it smelled like starchy rice. WR
  • *Kate Somerville ExfoliKate Intensive Exfoliator ($102*): It pains me to say so because of the ridiculous price, but I haven’t found anything close to this yet. It is part physical exfoliant (microbeads) and part chemical, so you get a great resurfacing treatment quickly. Whenever I had patches or texture it whisked them away and I’ve noticed a difference since switching. WR
  • *Tatcha Polished Classic Rice Enzyme Powder ($19*): I wanted to love it, but I didn’t get it. Is it a cleanser? A scrub? I couldn’t figure out the right ratio of water to powder, and the moment the container came in contact with water it gunked up and became unusable. WNR
  • Joe Fresh Gentle Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover: Waste of money and time, it couldn’t remove makeup for the life of it and the pump squirted product everywhere. The label even washed off. WNR
  • Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist ($24*): I LOVE this mist! I use it to refresh my skin all the time, it smells fabulous and I’m missing it already. WR
  • *Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment ($28*): It’s a lip balm, as simple as that. Is it worth this much? No. WNR
  • Gillette Classic Sensitive Skin Shave Foam ($2.47*): When this one ran out I knew it was time for bigger and better things. I’m using one from The Art of Shaving now and I’m not looking back. WNR
  • *Bliv Bright Is Right Original Japan Silk Mask ($2.50*): This stuff gave me a reaction but no benefits. Full review here. WNR
  • *Bliv Utmost Moisture Immerse Me Original Japan Silk Mask ($2.50*): I really liked this one on the other hand, it was refreshing and fit my face perfectly. It made my skin feel pretty good and is super affordable. WR
  • *Christian Dior Capture Totale Dreamskin ($140*): The instructions said to put on as a final skincare routine step, which did nothing. I feel like it would be a nice serum but it’s way too expensive. There is another Dior I like better called One Essential. WNR
  • *Bliv Glow & Glory Skin Reviving Biological Mask ($25*): Fabulous mask, really gives great results for luminosity and clearness. WR
  • *Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Soothing Moisturizing Cream ($53*): This is higher up in price but worth it. Great rich consistency and really helps with redness, only downside is the smell which is of chamomile that’s quite noticeable. WR
  • *Philosophy Renewed Hope in a Jar Night ($65*): I like this, it was creamy and thick and felt good on my skin. However, it wasn’t a standout from the crowd. WNR
  • *Origins GinZing™ Refreshing Eye Cream ($38*): One of my favourite and most recommended eye creams for the day. A little on the thin side, but still hydrates and brigthens. It has light reflecting properties that make it look like you’re wearing concealer, and I will definitely go back to it once I finish my stash. WR

© Gil Segev 2016


  • *Aromaflage ($30*): Great bug repellent with pleasant scent, convinient travel size. Full review hereWR
  • *Jesse McCartney Wanted: Not such a fan of the scent, full review here. WNR
  • *Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Rose: A very synthetic sweet rose. WNR
  • *Thierry Mugler Alien Sunessence Legre ($12.99*): This was interesting, it’s a jasmine with coconut. Fans of the original might like it, or might not. WNR
  • *Jul et Mad Paris Nea: A very, very, VERY sweet, candy-like rose thing that’s a little gourmand. Reminds me of Guerlain’s Idylle but not as good and more expensive. Full review hereWNR


  • *Aromaflage mini candle: You would not believe how effective this tiny candle is at keeping bugs away from the picnic table in the middle of the woods. WR
  • Yankee Candle Picnic in the Park candle: These aren’t candles, these are lifetime investments. Burned for hundreds of hours with consistently strong throw, but to be honest I just got sick of the scent. Would repurchase in the scent I was SURE I loved. WNR

     Have you tried any of these products? What have you been loving this season?

*Prices true at time of writing.

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  1. Great article! I know little about beauty products, so I always like to refer to list reviews like this before purchasing. Very helpful.

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