All Hail the Queen: Aerin Iris Meadow review

     Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of one of the most famous women in cosmetics and the current Style and Image Director of Estée Lauder, is the queen of all things floral. Her New York office is covered in floral prints from wallpaper to pillowcase, and she decorates the lavish suite with fresh flowers as often as possible. Her personal East Hampton pool is bordered by more potted flora, and in a 2009 Elle Décor house tour you can spot them on the walls or in vases in every slide. She would even go so far as to call flowers “magical.” This isn’t simply a woman with an obsession; this is a powerhouse with a distinct aesthetic and vision. She also kinda looks like your best friend’s mom, but maybe that’s just me.

     Born into fragrance royalty, it was only a matter of time before Aerin would release her own range and separate herself from grandma’s name. In fact, salespeople are specifically instructed not to bring up the family relation when speaking to the products; the focus is instead on the unique ingredients and building a wardrobe. Aerin has truly embraced being a “lifestyle brand,” which is a term often thrown around in the marketing world but which actually applies to the heiress. She’ll sell you anything from light fixtures to dining table accessories, and more often than not it’ll be inspired by a familiar floral design. It’s kind of what she’s known for, and if you have pollen allergies you’re out of luck.

     The Aerin beauty range celebrates this unique passion for flowers with the Lauder family’s Midas touch of luxury, and it’s expanding constantly. What started out as five scents in 2013 has grown to ten different aromas in just three years, the latest of which is slated for release this autumn. Retailing at $125 for each 50 ml bottle, the fragrance collection is both the centerpiece and the supporting columns of the Aerin house, with a few body, skin and makeup items in between. In Canada you can find the complete range at Holt Renfrew, and just the fragrance collection in Sephora.

Aerin Iris Meadow

© Gil Segev 2016

     Today I’m talking specifically about the one called Iris Meadow, released in 2014. The bottle is decorated with a pale blue grey cap that resembles a precious stone, inspired by an old brooch, with gold accents and glass that’s cut to mimic a gem. It’s not one of the louder scents in the line, and smells more aggressive on paper than on skin. On me it opens with a tart citrus note then turns into a creamy and powdery iris butter, slightly reminiscent of Prada’s Infusion d’Iris if the latter got washed down a churning river and sundried in a field of sweet black currant shrubs. It’s not particularly complex, and many people are comparing Iris Meadow to some of the older Jo Malone stuff (which Aerin reportedly loves and her family owns) for its level of simplicity. But if you go back to Aerin’s essence, you realize that’s probably what she was going for. “Effortless, natural, and edited” is what he she describes her namesake brand. Therefore this fragrance fits right in.

     To me Iris Meadow is the type of fragrance one reaches for when they are feeling in need of inspiration that won’t overtake their identity. Unlike a powerful Tom Ford or loud Aramis juice, Aerin’s scents appeal to those who are shy about perfume but seek elegance. Iris Meadow is perfect for casual summer nights, and a great introduction to what Aerin is all about. I’m intrigued to see what other unique florals she has bottled up in other appealing combinations, and will be keeping an eye out for Tangier Vanille when it arrived later this year. Which Aerin scents are your favourite? Thank you to Valerie for sending this bottle for review consideration!

Image courtesy of OverCat Communications

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out Aerin at their website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and Instagram.

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