Face Mask Friday: Bliv Glow & Glory, Immerse Me reviews

     In June I wrote my first impression of the self-proclaimed “pore management specialist” Bliv. This Malaysian skincare brand has won awards for their targeted treatments, and after trying a few myself I was hooked. The Off With Those Heads blackheads sebum gel and Shrink & Tighten+ night complex were my favourite, really giving me the results I wanted. The Bright Is Right sheet mask was one product that didn’t work, and in fact gave me a reaction. My skin looked red and felt irritated, and to add insult to injury I didn’t see any improvement in my skin’s luminosity.

     The company wanted to make things right and sent me a couple of other sheet masks to try, and we all crossed our fingers that my skin would react positively this time. I started with the Immerse Me Original Japan Silk Mask, which seemed the least likely to cause problems. This mask is all about restoring much-needed hydration and providing a moisture boost, which I can definitely use during this dry spell in Canada. My skin has been feeling extra parched lately, and none of my traditional potted masks were helping much. After cleansing I unfolded the drenched mask (which retails for $2.50 a piece or in $25 10-piece sets*) and pressed it to my skin. I found the way the mask is cut helps it to adhere tightly and comfortably, and was able to wear glasses and sit upright for the entire duration.

Bliv Utmost Moisture Immerse Me Original Japan Silk Mask

© Gil Segev 2016

     The key ingredient in the Immerse Me mask is cogon grass extract, which contains high concentrations of potassium and provides an immediate and lasting hydrating effect. The serum that the mask delivers also holds hyaluronic acid and honey, both great humectants. The longer it sat on my skin the more refreshing and cooling it felt, a true treat in the 40 degrees weather Toronto was experiencing. After 30 minutes I removed the mask, which had remained fresh, and looked at my skin. There was no visible change, but it felt smoother and well-hydrated. The feeling carried on to the next day, leading me to think that there must really be something about this one. It is definitely something I will continue to use, and such a steal.

Bliv Glow & Glory Skin Reviving Biological Mask

© Gil Segev 2016

     The Glow & Glory Skin Reviving Biological Mask sounded intimidating, but since I had a little date that night I wanted to look extra bright. The mask holds no less than 25 ml of serum, which for comparison is about half of the $155 Capture Totale One Essential from Christian Dior* (same great $25 price*). The mask comes in three layers, the first of which you strip before applying, then the second you peel away once it is on the skin. You’re left with a goopy, gelatinous mask that contains deep sea ferment extract, apple extract, and bearberry extract. The three are known for their moisture-binding, healing and melanin-prohibiting properties, making for an all around powerful potion. After 15 minutes I peeled off the remainder of the mask and padded the excess serum for 30 seconds, allowing 30 more to fully dry.

     Oh. My. Goodness. My skin had never looked so clear, it was practically translucent and felt firm especially around the forehead and nose contours. The mask had taken all of my redness (scars and shaving irritation included) and hidden them under a veil of brightness. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I looked like a doll! It was almost a shame to put makeup over it, my skin looked so good. I was going to share the extras with my date, but after trying it they were all mine.

     Big thank you to Pui from Bliv for sending over the masks for me to try, I am so in love! If you’re a sheet mask junkie placing an order with them is a must. Can’t wait to see what else there is to be found! Let me know what your favourite masks are, I’m always in the market to try new ones.

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out Bliv at their website or follow them on Twitter, Pinterest, YouTubeFacebook and Instagram.

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One response to “Face Mask Friday: Bliv Glow & Glory, Immerse Me reviews

  1. These masks sound incredible. You know I have a sheet mask obsession. I need to try these next. The gelatinous one rings my chimes. I bet it would feel amazing if chilled in the fridge. Can you tell I am dying from heat here in Florida this summer? Plus, bright clear skin? Yes, sir. Hope your date went well ❤

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