New from MAC Cosmetics: Brant Brothers, Transformed, TenderTalk, Fashion Pack review

     Bored with the local makeup counter? Looking to spruce things up a little for summer? How about FIVE new collections in one month to keep you busy?

     MAC Cosmetics has been pumping out collection after collection recently, working hard towards meetings the rumored 52 per year goal. I have for you today a small selection from each of the five major collections launching this month, including swatches and a cohesive look (most were received for review consideration, but I did purchase some of the items mentioned in this story). I know that many stores will already be sold out of some items by the time this goes up, but keep in mind MAC is notorious for recycling shades in future collections and also popping up on eBay months after disappearing from shelves. Note this is not a complete review as I have not had enough time to properly test out all items. Keep an eye on my empties series to see what I think!

Brant Brothers (launched June 2nd)

     From the official website:

Sons of model Stephanie Seymour, the dapper boys-about-town Harry and Peter Brant collaborate on a collection of modern-day grooming and sculpting products for men and women.

     Nobody I’ve talked to really knows who they are, but maybe this will help put them on the map. Also, THANK YOU for being inclusive to both genders! From this collection I received all three Eye Kohl ($21.50 each*) in El Dorado (bold gold, pearl finish), Smolder (intense black, matte finish), and Paragon (champagne gold, pearl finish)…

MAC Brant Brothers Eye Kohl

© Gil Segev 2016

MAC Cosmetics Eye Kohl

© Gil Segev 2016

     …Eye Shadow x4 ($43*) in 4 Pillars, containing two permanent shades in Carbon (intense black, matte finish) and Mystery (muted plum-brown, satin finish), as well as the limited-edition Mother’s Milk (light beige, pearl finish) and Sandstone (muted medium brown, matte finish)…

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

MAC 4 Pillars Eye Shadow x4

© Gil Segev 2016

     …Fluidline Brow Gelcreme ($19.50*) in Neanderthal (deep rich brown)…

MAC Fluidline Brow Gelcreme

© Gil Segev 2016

     …and Pro Sculpting Creme Duo ($38.50*) in Tryphaena and Cleopatra.

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Photo courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

MAC Pro Sculpting Creme Duo Tryphaena and Cleopatra

© Gil Segev 2016

     This collection is clearly intended for people who like the so-called “natural” makeup trend we are seeing across social media. Some of the items, like the Sculpting Creme Duo and Fluidline, could as easily be in the permanent range without the special packaging. The palette is 50% permanent, and Temptalia has done a great job finding dupes for the LE shades in case you already own the others. The real standouts for me were the lighter shades of eyeliner, which are very pretty as eye-shadow bases, waterline poppers, and highlights underneath the brow and in the inner corner. Very creamy formula, too. Honestly, not the biggest fan of the matte black packaging (which was also incredibly difficult to photograph), but at the end of the day that is not what matters most in makeup.

MAC Swatches

© Gil Segev 2016

Transformed (launched June 9th)

     From the official website:

Shift from dainty to daring in an instant. A collection of five new shades each of Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour and Huggable Lipcolour for loud to lustrous lips with either a velveteen or subtle sheen finish. Complete the contrasting effects with shades for eyes in various shadows and liners. Whatever texture and tone you choose…be transformed.

     Again, not the most exciting collection, but if you are a fan of lipstick you will be all over this one. From this collection I received Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolor ($24*) in Slipper Orchid (bright plum) and Huggable Lipcolor ($24*) in Cantonese Carnation (warm rose).

MAC Cosmetics June 2016 lipsticks

© Gil Segev 2016

TenderTalk (launched June 16th)

     From the official website:

Tendertalk Lip Balm, a smart lip conditioner, creates your own personalized tint based on your body chemistry. Combining nourishing skincare with technology, this transformer helps keep lips soft and moisturized while intuitively offering the right amount of colour. Packaged in an iridescent metal lipstick case, Tendertalk Lip Balm is scented with a hint of uplifting vanilla. Pink, coral, red, hot pink or plum: Whichever hue you choose, it’s sure to suit your mood.

     Mood ring lip balm, anybody? I think lipstick looks different on everybody anyways thanks to the natural pigment in our lips, application method variations and of course skin tone and depth, but that’s just me. From this collection I received Tendertalk Lip Balm ($24*) in Side Dish (sheer plum), which felt good on the lips and gave them a wash of natural color. However, I’m sure you could find a comparable tinted balm for a cheaper price.

Fashion Pack (launches June 23rd)

     From the official website:

For those who don’t follow trends, but make and break them…we salute you. Let’s lead the way with the next wave of front row-worthy hues. Fuchsia, violet, emerald, deepest plum, midnight: Capture the charisma of couture’s most sumptuous fantasies, then create our own. Regal nails and jewel-tipped lips bring a lavish finishing touch. Ready to wear…any way you dare! So be a doll, show us how — the fashion pack is always in the know.

     NOT to be confused with the Barbie Loves MAC collection from 2007 despite the dolls in the ads. From this collection I received Lipstick ($21 each*) in Pressed & Ready (soft whitened nude, luster finish) and By Special Order (deep reddened fuchsia, amplified finish).

MAC Swatches

© Gil Segev

     This is the type of excitement I have been waiting for all month. By Special Order, along with Stylist’s Tip and Aim for Gorgeous from the same collection are exactly the type of shades that make people stop and stare, and I think that is what these limited releases should be about. You already know that the MAC lipsticks are unparalleled in texture and pigment, so why not play it up with fun shades?

MAC Makeup

© Gil Segev 2016. Makeup details: Laura Mercier Radiance Foundation Primer The Estée Edit Pore Vanishing Stick Marc Jacobs Cover(t) Getting Warmer Stick Color Corrector Algenist Blue REVEAL Concentrated Color Correcting Drops Giorgio Armani Orange Master Corrector Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder MAC Cosmetics Barbados Girl Lustre Drops Estée Lauder Desert Beige Youth-Infusing Makeup SPF 25 – Perfectionist Make Up For Ever Y23 Ultra HD Concealer MAC Cosmetics Tryphaena and Cleopatra Pro Sculpting Crème Duo MAC Cosmetics Neutralize Prep + Prime CC Colour Correcting Compact MAC Cosmetics Gleamtones Powder MAC Cosmetics Neandrathal Fluid Line GelCreme MAC Cosmetics Paragon and Smolder Eye Kohl MAC Cosmetics 4 Pillars Eye Shadow x4 Make Up For Ever Multicolored Silver 13 Glitter Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara MAC Cosmetics Nice ‘n’ Spicy Lipliner MAC Cosmetics Pressed & Ready Lipstick

     I created this look using elements from the Brant Brothers and Fashion Pack ranges, as well as the Vibe Tribe collection from May. Full details in the caption.

MAC Cosmetics Vibe Tribe and Soft Serve

© Gil Segev 2016

     What items are you going to pick up this month? Special thanks to Katika and Jessica for their generosity in setting up this feature.

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out MAC Cosmetics at their website or follow them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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