From the Editor’s Desk: Spring 2016 Beauty Empties

     This is going to be an excessively long post, so let’s just go ahead and jump into it. These are the products I’ve used up since January, and below you’ll find my quick impressions on them. For quick reference, WNR stands for Would Not Repurchase/Recommend and WR is Would Repurchase/Recommend. Products sent to me for review consideration or gratis marked with an asterisk.

© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016


  1. Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Conditioner ($4.97*): I was not as impressed by this one as by the Honey, I’m Strong conditioner. It smelled nice but didn’t do anything for my hair. WNR
  2. LUSH Cosmetics American Cream Hair Conditioner ($20.95*): I remembered liking this more than I actually did. It smelled delicious but still didn’t do as much as Honey, I’m Strong. WNR
  3. Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo ($5.79*): I’m obsessed with the Naked line. This smells incredible, left my hair squeaky clean, and was perfect for washing makeup brushes. WR
  4. The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Beautifying Oil ($15*): This is as good as any expensive oil for nourishing hair. I would notice a big difference when I stopped using, and it smelled pretty. WR
© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016


  1. The Body Shop Blueberry Body Butter ($21*): This smelled and felt like rubbing fruit sherbet all over my body. LOVE! WR
  2. The Body Shop Frosted Plum Shower Gel ($9*): As excited as I was about a new limited edition holiday fragrance, this one let me down. It smelled artificial and didn’t linger. WNR
  3. The Body Shop Italian Summer Fig Body Lotion & Shower Gel ($11*): The best part about this wash/lotion set was the included Shower Lily. Very earthy green smell I didn’t care for. WNR
  4. LUSH Cosmetics Lord of Misrule Shower Cream ($9.95*): I loved this scent in bath bomb, but not so much on my body. Too spicy. Love the shower cream formula, however. Very creamy. WNR
  5. *Jesse McCartney Wanted By Jesse Shower Gel & Body Lotion($25.99*): The quality of these gift set “extras” was garbage. Smelled nice, though. Full review here. WNR
  6. *Mark Sparkle Shimmer Lotion: This limited edition fragrance smelled okay, but was way too shimmery for me. I’d see glitter everywhere whenever I applied. Full review here. WNR
  7. Bath & Body Works Wild Madagascar Vanilla Vanilla Bean Body Scrub: My all times favorite body scrub. It frothed up beautifully and smelled like a dream. Will be looking for this at SAS. WR
  8. LUSH Cosmetics Sympathy for the Skin Hand and Body Lotion ($27.95*): Smells scrumptious but too thin for my hands. Also excessively pricey for the amount of product. WNR
  9. *Givenchy Very Irrésistible Sensation Body Veil: Thin consistency, funny smell, too much shimmer. WNR
  10. *Avon Outspoken Party! by Fergie Body Lotion ($15*): The smell of this one makes me angry, it’s so bitter fruity. WNR
  11. The Body Shop Strawberry, Mango, and Satsuma Mini Body Butters ($7*): These came in a set and I liked the mango fragrance best, strawberry least. WNR
© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016


  1. *Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara ($33*): Really liked the volume and drama it gave at first, but after a month it got clumpy. WNR
  2. Quo Blush Brush: This brush started to smell funny after the first time I washed it, and it never went away. It also shed like a mofo. Shame, it was the perfect shape for my contour. WNR
  3. *Know Cosmetics No Dark Shadows Complexion Enhancer in Wow ($20*): A really great under eye brightener, not much coverage though. Good applicator and doesn’t crease. WNR
  4. *Gosling’s Original ChopSaver ($3.81*): A decent lip balm with SPF 15. Smells like orange soda. WNR
  5. *Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Cream-To-Powder Foundation in Dark Cocoa and Porcelain ($12*): I have no idea why I was sent these particular shades, but they wouldn’t work for me in any way (even for cream contour). WNR
  6. *Laneige BB Cusion in Light ($44*): I really liked the light coverage this gave me to even out my skin on “no makeup” days. Bonus for the SPF. WR
  7. *Sephora Collection Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover ($14*): Hands down the best makeup remover I’ve tried. Nothing stood in its way, and it never stung. WR
  8. Forever 21 sponges: These came 3 to a set and I love them. They were perfect for smoothing on foundation and concealer, and after I finish my last one I’m going to get some more. WR
  9. *Benefit Gimme Brow in Medium/Deep ($30*): An effective, easy to use tinted brow gel. Would recommend to everyone, like that the new version has more shades. WR
  10. *Xtreme Lashes Cosmetics Length & Volume Mascara ($31*): My favorite every day mascara. Makes lashes black and defined without any flaking. Can be a bit wet to begin with. WR
  11. Caudalie Lip Conditioner ($12*): A fantastic lip balm, but why pay so much for lip balm to begin with, especially without SPF? WR
  12. *Fresh Sugar Advanced Lip Therapy ($31*): A fine lip balm and very soft, but even more expensive than the last. WNR
  13. *Algenist Reveal Concentrated Color Correction Drops ($65*): I like the idea of combining color correction with skincare, but it wasn’t concentrated enough and the product is too small. WNR
  14. Vera Wang Princess lip gloss: This came out of a 3 year old gift set and is probably expired. WNR
  15. *FACE atelier samples ($1*): I really like the 0- foundation as both white face paint and to lighten up foundation. I didn’t like the broken shards of bronzer and blush or dipping my fingers into the lip glaze. WNR
© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016


  1. *Jurlique Calendula Redness Rescue Restorative Treatment Serum ($62*): I love Jurlique and I love this particular range, but giving salespeople expired product to try is not the way to go. WNR
  2. *Shiseido Ibuki Gentle Cleanser ($38*): Pricey, but totally worth it. Smells incredible, super creamy, and leaves skin very clean. Would recommend for oily complexions. WR
  3. *Odacité Gl+L Radiance Effect Serum Concentrate ($39*): I didn’t like having to mix this serum by hand with my moisturizer and it broke me out. Confused about the 5 ml bottle size, too. WNR
  4. *Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum ($79*): This didn’t do anything noticeable for my skin, but I did like the consistency and grassy scent. WNR
  5. *Christian Dior One Essential Booster Serum ($125*): Probably my favorite serum to date. Smells really pretty and makes skin feel wonderful. Have a backup. WR
  6. *THEFACESHOP Mango Seed Oil To Foam Cleanser ($20*): Great value, a little too stripping for me. Maybe better for combo skin. Full review here. WNR
  7. *Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster ($60*): Smells like orange soda but does nothing for me. WNR
  8. *Josie Maran Nirvana Hydrating Treatment Mist ($48*): Was told to use this as a toner, in which case it doesn’t work. I have toners and mists I like more for less. Really nauseating fragrance as well. WNR
  9. Estée Lauder Nutritious Vita-Mineral Moisture Cream: They discontinued this stuff, and I can’t remember anything about it so good riddance. WNR
  10. *THEFACESHOP Mild Papaya Peeling ($17*): This is awesome. It really removes dead skin, and I loved using it after a physical exfoliation. WR
  11. *Amore Pacific Moisture Bound Rejuvenating Crème ($160*): Smells pretty and nice texture but would never spend that much on such a lame product. Recommend the $60 THEFACESHOP cream better. WNR
  12. Estée Lauder Resilience Lift Firming/Sculpting Eye Cream ($75*): Very thick texture, felt nice and hydrating. Too expensive for what it is, though. WNR
  13. *Jurlique Rose Moisture Plus Revitalizing Gel Lotion ($54*): Another unfortunate case of expired product. WNR
  14. *Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Eye ($72*): Rich, creamy texture. Really liked it, but expensive. WR
  15. *SeaRx Micro-Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub ($32*): This is a gentle, creamy scrub. Gentle enough to use multiple times a week. WR
  16. *Fresh Soy Face Cleanser ($45*): Smells like cucumbers and soy, but if you can get past that it’s a decent cleanser. I think there are more effective drugstore varieties, to be honest. WNR
  17. *Murad Rapid Collagen Infusion ($92*): I saw a little bit of improvement in my forehead fine lines when I used this, or at least I thought I did. WNR
  18. *Ole Henriksen Sheer Transformation ($48*): Great alternative to the Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion. Scent free, doesn’t feel like much, doesn’t do much but it works on all skin types. WNR
  19. *Clarisonic Sonic Radiance Skin Illuminating Cleanser ($30*): A good creamy cleanser, but as usual no results. Used with a Luna Mini and felt like a rebel. WNR
  20. Chanel Le Lift Anti-Wrinkle Serum ($240*): Saw no results, and the price is atrocious and a crime. WNR
  21. Le Mer Gel De La Mer The Moisturizing Gel Cream ($310*): Not even going to talk about this one. It felt great, smelled great, and I hate it. WR
  22. *Avon Anew Line Eraser with Retinol ($40*): Noticed less results than the Murad treatment. WNR
  23. *Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil ($60*): Worth the hype. It feels great, not too oily, and makes my skin look fresh. WR
  24. THEFACESHOP Bird’s Nest Pearly Brightening Gel Mask ($8*): The mask had a tough time adhering to my skin in the sitting position, but upon removal I had remarkably bright skin. Would use before special events. WR
  25. *Sephora Collection Rose Mask ($8*): Didn’t leave a lasting impression. WNR
  26. *Sephora Collection Pomegranate Eye Mask ($6*): Overpriced for what you get, and same deal as the face one. WNR
© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016


  1. *Guerlain La Petite Robe Noire EDT ($89*): One of my favourite Guerlain fragrances. Smells like juicy cherries and cola. WR
  2. Atelier Cologne Mandarine Glaciale ($30*): My dear friend Julie sent this to me, and I loved its iced tea aroma. Quite masculine. Used it up on a trip to Ottawa. WNR
  3. Essence Like A Day In Paradise and Like A Walk In The Summer Rain ($5*): Both none remarkable easy to wear scents, I used them before going to bed. WNR
  4. Bath & Body Works Forever Red Vanilla Rum, Be Joyful, A Thousand Wishes, Endless Weekend ($10*): To me these were all basically the same perfume. Sweet, pretty, girly scents. WNR
  5. Bath & Body Works Morocco Orchid & Pink Amber: This was my anti-stress scent for years. Sad to have finished it. WR
© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016


  1. Bath & Body Works Limoncello mini candle: One of my favorite candle smells, even had good projection. Glad they made it a permanent. WR
  2. Bath & Body Works Nantucket Sail: A most generic cologne aroma, but pretty packaging. WNR

     Have you tried any of these products? What have you been loving this season?

*Prices true at time of writing.

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  1. Honest bloggers are the best. Never a dull moment reading your posts. I wish there were more out there like you.

    • Thank you so much, Liz! This really means a lot to me. I try to be as honest as possible in everything related to blogging!

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