From the Editor’s Desk: Turns 3

© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016

     It is time once again for the annual birthday blog (speech! Speech! Speech!). Today we’re celebrating 3 whole years in business, or approximately 320 reviews, tutorials, articles and videos on fragrance and beauty. If you would have told me 3 years ago that we would have so many lovely people accompanying me on this journey I would have said “No way!” As a writer I am a stereotypical lone wolf (door closed, blinds drawn, one single candle casting eerie shadows across my unshaven face), so words cannot express my gratitude for the men and women who take the time to read my work and leave wonderful, thoughtful comments. THANK YOU for your dedication and sharing my passion!

     This past year I began working professionally in the beauty industry, which gives me a lot of insider tips and tricks that I love to share with you (see my Guerlain complexion story and Avon concealers feature for example). I also have early access to new products and brands, like the Derek Lam and Estee Edit lines I blogged about earlier this winter. I hope you have been enjoying this type of coverage, and will continue to do my best to produce quality writing and content as I return to school this coming autumn. I’m not entirely sure what my schedule will look like, but rest assured will stay alive.

     Looking back on this past year in blogging, I have to say there have been certain projects that stuck out more than others, at least to me. Below are my top 5 stories from 2015-2016, as numbered by yours truly.

5. Tutorial: Easy Halloween Nails courtesy of Nail Polish Canada

4. From the Editor’s Desk: Dave Lackie #LiveIrresistible Event for Givenchy

3. From the Editor’s Desk: Falling in Love with LUSH’s new Toronto Flagship

2. From the Editor’s Desk: Guerlain, a History – Prestige & Scandal ft. Shalimar review

1. When Creativity Comes Together: Extreme Body Painting ft. MAC Cosmetics

     What can you expect from in the next year? More giveaways, for one, because I know how much everyone loves those. Demeter Fragrance Library have been so lovely to provide us with a monthly giveaway for the entire year, so make sure to check them out on social media and say thanks! You can also expect more skincare reviews, gift guides, and a whole month dedicated to easy Halloween makeup ideas.

     Thank you again from the bottom of my icy little heart for sticking with us for 3 whole years. Here’s to year number 4!



          Gil Segev



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