Open Letter to Calvin Klein (CK One Red Edition for Her review)

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     Dear Mr. Calvin Klein,

     My name is Gil and I am a Canadian beauty blogger with a passion for peanut butter, long walks on the beach, and social justice. I am writing to you today in regards to a particular fragrance product with your name which has been troubling me a smidge as of lately.

     Please do not take this as a personal attack on you or your brand, Mr. Klein, for it is not. As a free and sexually liberated member of western society I can openly admit that your particular line of underwear makes my butt look exceptionally good. In fact, I own a considerable collection of said garments even though it makes me cringe to pay $30 for what is essentially a glorified loincloth (but they’re so pretty!). I even wore a Calvin Klein shirt to my senior prom, if that proves to you my brand loyalty and good faith.

     So as you can see, the issues I am having are indeed limited to only the 2014 flanker to your iconic CK One fragrance, codenamed CK One Red Edition for Her. I am well aware that Coty Inc. oversees your fragrance business and so the blame for the issues I am having is not entirely yours, however I wanted to bring it to your attention as soon as possible. I am hopeful that you will take this feedback into future consideration and endeavors. Allow me to illustrate my problems with said perfume with a few numbers.

     According to the American Foundation for AIDS Research’s latest data, 37,000,000 people worldwide are currently living with HIV, the very virus that leads to Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS); 2,600,000 of those people are children under the age of 15 (this is 10th grade and under). Tragically, 1,200,000 of those people, or 3.2%, die annually from the virus. That’s over 3,200 people every day, Mr. Klein. I think you can agree that this is far too much, and hopefully you too would like to see that number reduced.

© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016

     If you’re wondering what all these alarming numbers have to do with you and your perfume and just what my problems with it are, just look at its very name: CK One Red Edition for Her. I am in no way suggesting that your perfume has anything to do with these people’s illness, but it could have been (and still can be) a part of their solution. In fact, you’re practically almost there. The root of my issues are two small brackets, and all it would take to make it better is your sizable chequebook.

     Over the past decade many large labels such as Apple, Starbucks, Coca-Cola, The Gap, and Fresh Cosmetics have partnered with the non-profit organization (PRODUCT)RED to create and sell specialized products and donate 100% of sales to HIV-preventive causes focused in Africa. Together they’ve raised over $350 million since 2006, and these vital funds are helping to achieve the goal of an AIDS-free generation by 2020. Wouldn’t it be grand if Calvin Klein, a massive cooperation that millions of people know and love, got behind this movement too? Mr. Klein, if you sold even just 1,000 bottles of a special (PRODUCT)RED x Calvin Klein perfume at $50 per bottle, that would equal $50,000 dollars that can help a positive mother give birth to a negative child. It would increase goodwill towards your brand, align it with other do-gooders, help out those in need, and make everybody smell better. The best part is you already have a perfume with the word “red” in its name and a sexy visual campaign to go with it. All it would take now is a phone call to (PRODUCT)RED to make it official and a bit of publicity. Here, I’ll help get you started.

     This particular perfume, which I received from for review consideration, marks a departure from Klein’s unisex perfume tradition. Sweet top notes of watermelon and light florals combine with a musky aquatic accord to create a refreshing and breezy beach scent. I love that it is light enough to be sprayed liberally, and it makes me feel sexy and fresh. It would do incredibly well in warmer climates such as Brazil. The aroma is young and girly but a little sexy, and the bottle comes with both a pump and cap so you can spray or splash. You can see how much I love it by how much I’ve used it already! has the best prices on these guys: just $17.99* for the bottle featured here. Make sure to use the banner links in this article to check it out!

     In conclusion, Mr. Klein, I think that my open letter has made it clear that you have a powerful platform to make a big difference in the world, and a CK One (RED) Edition for Her fragrance would be an excellent start. It would also get me off your case! And should you decide to pass this time, please remember that there are literally thousands of other colours names that would suit your products just as well without the associated confusion. May I suggest “carefree cyan,” or “happy go lucky heliotrope?” I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the matter, and in the meantime readers can support the (PRODUCT)RED organization by purchasing specially marked items from their favourite brands.

*Prices true at time of writing. Please note that the views expressed in this article do not necessarily reflect those of, Product Red, or any of the other mentioned companies in any way. This article is intended as product commentary and does not criticize the actions of any of the mentioned parties.

You can check out at their website, TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

You can check out Calvin Klein at their website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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2 responses to “Open Letter to Calvin Klein (CK One Red Edition for Her review)

  1. I am in total agreement with you on this – what an opportunity to do good! If on;y every company large or small, would make a commitment to a cause (even a tiny amount of the profits), millions of dollars could be raised for research! I am going to follow your example.

    • Sandy, this means the world to me. You are so right, these brands make so much cash that they can afford to share with those who truly need help! Hopefully Mr. Klein will give it a thought for the future.

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