New from Illamasqua: Spring 2016 “Metamorph” Makeup Releases

     Illamasqua is a cult-favourite British cosmetics brand that has recently received attention for expanding globally, including here in Canada. Although you still can’t find their products in person in the country, The Hudson’s Bay now carries a pretty good selection online. They have your traditional variety of makeup, but select products certainly stand out. The Radiance Veil primer, customizable foundation, and newly announced “corrupter” for creating new dimension and textures, for example, are definite standouts. Below is a sneak peek at their spring 2016 collection, nicknamed “Metamorph.”

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     Before you ask, YES – they do have limited-edition highlighters in this collection! Everybody and their mother are about these now, and I’m sure that with the Beyond Powders (€32*) it’ll be no different. The baked powders add a natural glow to your complexion, and can be used wet or dry. Shade options are Epic and OMG. Apply with a brush similar to Sephora Collection’s Pro Fan #65 or Pro Precision Blush #73 ($34 and $40*).

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     For your eyes I think you’ll really love the Vital Palette (€34*) paired with Blending Brush ($49.95*). Traditionally we see these types of neutral shapes around autumn, but high-pigmentation shadows are always in season. The shades in the palette are called BubblesEnvisionTrace and Drop, and they are all exclusive to this quad. You could use any one of them to create a natural eye or as a base for a smoky look.

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     They say that your brows frame the face, and I couldn’t agree more. If you like Benefit’s Gimme Brow ($30*) or Clinique’s Just Browsing ($16.50*) but can’t find your exact colour match, give the Brow Build (€18.50*) a try in your choice of AmplifyFlowThrive or Rise. Besides adding definition instantly, this formula promotes healthy hair growth and has a precise applicator – no brushes needed.

     So, what are you craving from Illamasqua this spring? I just can’t with the Nail Veils (€14.50*) in Bamboo and Breathe! All the items featured here are available starting February 21st at Illamasqua counters and select retailers. Thanks to Ruby and Freya from the Illamasqua team for sharing this with my readers before the big release!

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*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out Illamasqua at their website, Facebook, Twitter, Google+Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube.

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