Can You Really Smell Sexier? Luz De La Riva Pheromone Perfumes review

     Honestly, you had me at “atomizer”.

     Of the fine fragrances currently available in major cosmetic retailers, I could probably count on one hand how many have those bulbous apparatuses of days past, used to disperse millions of perfume droplets onto the skin in a far more elegant (and fun!) manner than an average pump or dropper. In the last century they’ve fallen out of fashion, became rarer and harder to come across, and are now nearly wiped from store shelves. I would imagine Britney Spears’ Curious (100 ml, $24.99*) was among the last big numbers to come with one.

     So when an email landed in my inbox about this new line from Luz de la Riva I was immediately interested; not only are the bottles for the fragrances beautiful and charming, they’re also meant to be natural aphrodisiacs. Owned and run by women, the company’s founders set out to create multifunctional, erotic cosmetics through scent, taste, and touch. Their signature Organic Kissable Massage Oil, for example, comes in dulce de leche, caco picante, and forbidden fruit flavors. They’ve also got a more risqué All Natural Nipple Cream in exciting mint chocolate, and a completely NSFW water-based Intimate Moisturizer (see: lube). What can I say? I’m hooked!

     The fine fragrances are developed on the idea of pheromones, a mysterious topic that advertisers love to talk about. Axe famously uses its supposed effects in their commercials, in which flocks of hot women trail men who wear their products, but they’re not alone in this. The idea that scent can be an instant turn on is about as old as the atomizer itself, but it still remains a dodgy topic. The main problem is that a specific set of human pheromones has yet to be identified in a systematic and scientific method, as explained by Tristram Wyatt, Senior Research Associate at the University of Oxford, in his TED Talk. That, and, you know, we all smell things differently – but that’s not important. Still, that doesn’t stop companies from saying their products will make you attractive to the opposite (or same) sex, and since we’re already here, I thought I might review a few today.

© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016

     Juice #1 is called Wild Orchid, and is based on the character of Lily; she’s a social butterfuly, always maintaining an optimistic attitude about life. Everyone loves her and feels naturally drawn to her presence, and her perfume is meant to help you get some. Because it is a water-based scent it doesn’t project so much, but man oh man, is it sexy. It’s got a mild sweetness with a base of ultra sensual musk, and smells like clean, sweet skin. The other one is called Sweet Chérie and has a brighter, slightly fruity and citrusy cleanliness with a vanilla dry down – sort of like cherries and whipped cream. If the first one is a night spent with a lover, this one’s the morning after. In other words, just as good! They both are terrible weak, but I think that’s part of the charm; you can spray the bulb all over and still not overwhelm the other party. Each 107 ml bottle is available now for $70*.

     Verdict: Pheromones or not, this company sure gets the prize for being playfully sinful. From the illustration on the bottle to the light and fresh fragrances, the Lily line gets two thumbs up from me. Also love that they’re all about girl power and natural ingredients! I think that all my female readers should check out what they have to offer to spice up your romantic life in an ethical manner. Now, who wants to sniff me?! Big thanks to Lexi for organizing this review.

© Gil Segev 2016

© Gil Segev 2016

*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out Luz De La Riva at their website or follow them on Instagram, Pintrest and Twitter.

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