Addicted to Love: Revlon Love Is On review

     Sometimes I swear that the world is going crazy.

     We’ve got sick children, men at war, and women living with terrible illnesses we can’t fix. There’s so much sadness and tragedy that sometimes it gets hard to breathe.

     How do we make things better? When did we forget how to be human? And just where, oh, where did the love go?

     That’s not to say that love doesn’t have its moments and victories. Just this year same-sex marriage was approved in all of the United States, opening the floodgates of love for all, and there’s even a whole Huffington Post page dedicated to uplifting news like that of Matthew Jackson’s last acts of kindness and Central MA Kibble Kitchen’s commitment to feeding pets. So, thanks to individuals who care very greatly, hope and love have not been lost just yet.

     Revlon is on a mission to help bring this love back to the forefront of our day, with their #LoveIsOn campaign, which is more than just a new cosmetics line. And to be clear, they’ve put their money where their mouth is and are doing something about a few of the horrors of our mutual reality. In October they donated $1 million dollars (that’s right – six zeros) to Cycle for Survival, and $250 thousand more to the Cancer Research Institute. This type of funding makes a huge difference for the research on diseases that tear loved ones apart. When a giant company such as Revlon takes on this responsibility of caring for their clients, they start to make ripples of change. And little by little, those ripples will turn into tsunamis of love for each other and for ourselves, acceptance and tolerance of our differences, compassion for the planet, and ultimately a better world.

     Now, wipe off your tears and let’s take a look at this perfume, darn it!

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     The #LoveIsOn campaign has gone on since the brand’s relaunch in 2014 and now features makeup products, nail goodies, and this newly launched fragrance. The face of the campaign is Mexican model Alejandra Espinoza, and together with the message of love and support she channels empowerment and positivity to women and girls. The fragrance comes after a long lineup of iconic scents like Fire & Ice and Charlie, both of which came before my time (’73 and ’94, respectively) but changed the way we perceive scent forever. Love Is On was designed in partnership with Cosmo International, the makers of Bebe and La Prairie’s fragrances, and is meant to evoke feelings of romance and attraction. Many scents before LIO had the same goals and failed to capture the imagination (not pointing fingers, but… Lady Gaga Fame), so let’s see how this one measures up.

     Love Is On is an aromatic fruity fragrance aimed at women, with an adorable heart-shaped bottle that is an exact copy of Rouge de Revlon from the year 2000. The build isn’t the greatest and reminds me of Britney Spears’ Fantasy Twist, which also felt a bit cheap. To be fair, both of those fragrances are relatively inexpensive, but still. Its shape has been compared to plastic costume lips, but we won’t go there today. The fragrance surprised me by being super light, and reminds me of a toned-down Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue ($112*). The top notes are lemon, raspberry, magnolia, and rose. The heart is a spicy plum blossom with ginger, cardamom and sandalwood, and musk, vanilla and amber make up the base. You get a really nice balance of sweet and spicy here, and the vanilla envelopes the whole thing is a very comfortable warmth. It is a truly pleasing scent, and I found myself completely enjoying it whenever I caught a whiff. Longevity is relatively poor, and I don’t think you could smell this radiating off someone unless you were at their neck (in which case, rock on!).

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Verdict: The Love Is On fragrance is as much of a new direction for Revlon fragrances as the campaign it is named for is a revival of its colour world. Instead of loud and intense, we are seeing a movement towards skin scents that aim to draw you in. Love Is On will become a drugstore classic, a perfect first scent or something to wear lounging around the house, and will serve as a reminder that love is always on. It is available now in select retailers in British Columbia and Quebec, and this Torontonian is very pleased to have his paws on some. Thank you to Samar over at Revlon for hooking me up and sharing the love!


*Prices true at time of writing.


You can check out Revlon at their website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

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