Sally Sells Skin Care by the Sea Shore: SeaRx review

     Just like the Catherine Malandrino perfume I reviewed last month, the SeaRx collection of skincare is relatively unknown in the blogosphere except to Birchbox subscribers (and Ipsy, if I’m not mistaken). This really goes to show that subscription boxes are taking over the world… or something like that! Those who have tried samples of SeaRx in their monthly boxes consistently give it glowing reviews like “one of the best products1” and “I fell in love, and it is in my cart for when I run out2,” and now we finally have an in-depth feature of their three star products.

     So what is this celebrated line all about? Something near and dear to this Israeli-Canadian: Dead Sea science. Never heard of it? Give this completely eerie but awe-inspiring clip a look. Bonus fact: it takes about 90 pounds of weights to dive in this super-salty lake – yikes!

     To those who have never been to the Dead Sea, first of all: you’re missing out! The mineral-rich water is not only awesome for floating on your back until you cross the border into Jordan (been there, done that), it is also some of the most renowned in the beauty world for its restorative properties. Companies have harvested the water and mud’s benefits in signature lines for years, including Ahava (Hebrew for “love”), founded in 1988 by Ziva Gilad3. SeaRx is another such line based from the US, created by Fort & Fisher Labs. They use no parabens or harsh chemicals in their formulas, and do not test on animals4.

     But what can the Dead Sea do for you? Because it is rich in magnesium, calcium, potassium, and other minerals, its water can improve the condition of psoriasis by 88% in just one hour spent soaking per day5 – pretty incredible for such a lifeless body of water. And in a 2007 study cancer patients saw visible improvement in their skin conditions due to chemotherapy and radiotherapy with the use of a Dead Sea moisturizing cream3 – this must be something serious! So to have those kinds of results bottled up and delivered to you is truly a Hanukah miracle, in my opinion (December 6th, people – mark it down!).

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     SeaRx is an excellent entry point to this world of Dead Sea cosmetics because their price point is significantly lower than that of the competition. I tried their Advanced Scar Gel ($32, SeaRx*), Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion ($32, Birchbox*), and Micro-Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub ($32, Birchbox*) over several months to test the results on my own skin. Read below to find out what I thought.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     I have a serious problem with dull skin and flaking, which I attribute to a buildup of dead cells on the skin surface. This summer it got so bad that a co-worker recommended I try Kate Sommerville’s harsh ExfoliKate ($85, Sephora*) – ouch! I don’t care for that one’s pumpkin-spice fragrance or the fact it is made with microbeads, so when the Micro-Dermabrasion Face & Body Scrub landed in my mailbox I was super happy. Right out of the gate I adored the gentle fragrance and creaminess of the product, and the miniscule scrubbing particles visibly improved my dullness and flaking situation instantly and over time. I now rub it on my face twice a week for one minute and it is a staple in my routine. Holy Grail status unlocked!

     The Birch Sap Moisturizing Lotion was less impressive to me, I found it to be a decent light-weight facial moisturizer on top of my serum and oil, but was not blown away. Still I appreciate that it has sun-protection benefits and it is pretty cool that they managed to infuse actual birch sap in there. The Advanced Scar Gel, however, was something else entirely. In my early teens I suffered severe acne, and by the time Accutane got through it all I was left with red-purple scars on my cheeks. For several years nothing changed at all about the scars and I’ve about given up and given into covering them with foundation, but then the gel came and suddenly things were moving again. I use this once a night, every night (recommended 3-4 applications per day – totally undoable for me), and over time I have noticed a fading of the pigmentation issue. By the time I finish the bottle I expect my skin will look clearer than it has in a long time.

     Verdict: All the tourists that flock to the Dead Sea are truly onto something, because the results I saw after a short time were quite dramatic. Some skincare brands make you feel like you’re throwing your cash against a brick wall, but I believe this one is different. They do what they say and they’re good for you – I couldn’t be more satisfied. Time to get the word about SeaRx out, people!

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*Prices true at time of writing.

You can check out SeaRx at their website or follow them on Facebook.

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