From the Editor’s Desk: Top 5 BANNED Perfume Commercials

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     The best things in life can also be the worst, and that certainly applies to perfume advertisements. While there are some that are truly beautifully put together and tell an enchanting story, there are those that leave one asking, “Just how did that ever get past the marketing department?”

     If you’ve ever wondered if some perfume commercials are simply too hot for television, you’ve come to the right place. Here are my top 5 banned perfume commercials, plus their detailed offense. Make sure to sound off your personal nominees in the comments!

1. Calvin Klein’s Secret Obsession

Offense: nudity! Staring American actress, model, singer and designer Eva Mendes, Klein’s 2008 commercial proved inappropriate for American networks with an accidental-on-purpose nip-slip. As she narrates in the video, “It’s my secret.” Not when it’s broadcast to the world, Eva!

2. Beyoncé’s Heat

Offense: inappropriate for children! British TV networks restricted this clip’s playtime to after 7:30pm, claiming it was “too sexually provocative to be seen by young children.” I don’t know about you, but I’m more worried about Queen B’s music videos than this ad! That “Drunk in Love” bikini, anyone?

3. YSL’s Belle d’Opium

Offense: drugs reference! It may seem ridiculous in an age where everything is allowed and nothing is sacred, but when Yves introduced Opium in 1977 it was considered a scandalous newsmaker – even saying the name was taboo. The 2010 flanker’s ad got criticized for Melanie Theirry’s gestures, which is taking it a bit to the extreme. It’s called Opium, for Coco Chanel’s sake!

4. Madonna’s Truth or Dare

Offense: too much skin! Not even the original Material Girl is immune to ABC’s power – the network required Madonna’s undergarments to be digitally lengthened before returning to the airwaves. Maybe somebody got jealous of how great she looked! And besides, what do you expect in all honesty?

5. Diddy’s 3AM

Offence: all of the above! Capping off our list is Sean Comb’s latest release, 3AM. The ad features girlfriend and artist Cassie Ventura in full nudity, taking a hint of every offender until now and ending up with… well, a Macy-issued reshoot. Sorry, Diddy! Of course, this isn’t the first time the house of Comb has been in hot water – check out these two older videos.

     Are you scandalized yet?! It’s amazing what some people can get away with. And still, perfume commercials are an art – who am I to judge? I’m just reporting what the networks have already spoken.

     What did you think of my list? Let me know your thoughts on any of these below.

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