Meet the Family: Puredistance Master Perfumes

     If you take a right on that one street, and then continue a few miles until you reach that other road, you’ll find yourself at the house of the Puredistance family. Between the lush trees there’s a big, modern-looking mansion of Dutch design, where all six members of the clan reside in luxurious style (and no, we’re not talking about Stephenie Meyer’s vampires here). In the driveway there is a shining car in dark blue (Papa’s), and a chrome and leather-covered bike, and in the garden a glorious array of flowers in every color imaginable (Mama’s pride and joy).

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     In April I wrote about WHITE, the newest addition to the Puredistance Master Perfumes lineup of fine fragrances. Soon afterwards I found their signature giftset ($69, Puredistance*) in my mailbox, and got to meet the extended family. I discovered that each fragrance in the collection has a distinct personality that fits into a charismatic family portrait, and would like to formally introduce you to each of the Puredistance kindred.

     BLACK is the stylish, handsome father of the tribe. He’s a little bit of freshness mixed with deep wisdom, like looking at ripples in a black pool. The mystery of BLACK is that his makeup is a secret – no notes list, no ingredients revealed, just like a real father; you just see the sweetness that he wants you to see, with a hint of burnt bitterness that comes through the cracks when he thinks nobody is looking. This is the type of man who wears a dark navy suit and brown leather shoes – inherently good looking and fashionable without blending into the crowd.

     ANTONIA is the sunshine of the family, the 18 years-old blonde daughter that brings joy wherever she goes. With her lighthearted composition of clean jasmine she is a hopeless romantic; she can often be seen on the tyre swing in the backyard, wistfully looking at the white clouds and waiting for Prince Charming to come, wearing a white dress and her hair blowing in the breeze. Her head is a little up in the clouds, but her heart is pure.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     OPARDU is the keeper of the home and garden, the floral mother that tends both the flowers and relations. She comes from a conservative upbringing, and her garden boasts of traditional flowers like lilac, gardenia, and heliotrope. She does instead of talks, and is soft spoken when she must speak at all. You can always tell when you’ve just missed her by the sweet-sour aroma that she leaves behind of a garden in full bloom.

     M is ANTONIA’s twin brother, who shares nothing with her other than her Scandinavian good looks. He is a little bit of a rebel, a hot-headed spicy creature of cinnamon and leather that rides a motorcycle and kisses girls in the rain and never calls back. He lives for excitement and the good life, sleeping until night and partying until dawn. If there was ever a character to keep your daughters wary of, it’s M – not that it’ll help.

     I is the baby of the family, a sweet 13 year old girl with her older sister’s innocent appearance and her older brother’s temperament. She is perky and bright like a freshly squeezed orange, with a heart of musk and vetiver that yearns for adventure. More than once she’s been her brother’s partner-in-crime, her Burberry scarf trailing in the wake of their passing. She is the best of both worlds, and is too young to have to choose one or the other.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     The way I see WHITE – a musky number that smells like sunshine on clean skin – fitting in is the family dog; an adorable Labrador Retriever with the personality of an angel. She is there for BLACK’s inward hurting, ANTONIA’s sighs weighed down by love, OPARDU’s quiet fretting, M’s midnight outings, and I’s teenage pains. WHITE is beloved by all.

     Verdict: So there you have it, my imaginary Puredistance family all painted up and framed on the wall. The Puredistance line is a distinct one with great charisma, and I encourage you to try a sample of the one you relate most to. Thank you kindly to Mary and Jan for making this review happen.  


*Prices true at time of writing.


You can check out Puredistance at their website or follow them on Twitter.

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