Netflix for Colognes: Scent Trunk October 2015 review

     When I spoke to Scent Trunk CEO William Yin in an exclusive interview back in June he told me that his company’s signature service is a “Netflix for niche/indie fragrances.” Now, being a massive fan of all-night Netflix marathons myself, I was instantly on board for trying out anything with such a tagline.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Since there’s a subscription box for just about everything these days (don’t believe me? Check this out), I wanted to see if Scent Trunk is really the one for all fragrance enthusiasts to get. In this new monthly feature I’ll be showing you the treats you might find in your own Scent Trunk, the $15-18/month program that ships specially curated perfumes and colognes based on a personal profile right to your door.

     When you first sign up for Scent Trunk you fill out a quiz to help them determine what types of fragrances you might enjoy. The quiz is quick and fun, and it was interesting to see their final evaluation (mind you, you can adjust it personally as well). Once your Scent Trunk box arrives you not only get to sample something new and exciting, you also save up points to buy full-size bottles directly from the Scent Trunk store. How’s that for value?

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Not convinced that $15-18 is worth a few samples? Consider this: my three fragrances for October’s box are worth roughly $18.17 collectively1, and each box comes with free shipping. They’re practically paying you to have these rare, exotic fragrances! The purpose here is really to allow you to sample extensively and then buy from their store, and you get great value whether you end up purchasing a bottle or not. Plus, how fun is trying three new colognes every month from the comfort of your couch?

Photo courtesy of William

Photo courtesy of William

     But enough about the math of it all, let’s talk fragrance. I love that each sample comes with a special card, featuring an advertisement on the front and product information on the back. That they took the time to put together a short description, note breakdown and wearability suggestion for each is just great attention to detail. William and his gang may all be young, but their creativity and attention to detail is commendable.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Amouage, as the story goes, was founded by Oman’s Sultan in 1983 to restore the great Arabian art of perfumery2. They’ve done extremely well for themselves selling high-end fragrances at places such as Bergdorf Goodman in the US and Harrods in the UK3. For the record, they are not carried in any major stores in Canada, making the sample that much more precious. Gold Man is their original fragrance, and it comes from Guy Robert, the same nose that worked for Gucci, Christian Dior, and Hermes on many best-sellers4. For clarification purposes, Gold Man simply refused to be photographed indoors and I had to take the shoot outside – I’ll figure out my DSLR one of these days, I swear. Apologies for the inconsistency!

     As for the scent… it smells exactly like a cologne from the 80s should smell – outdated. I liken it to beasts like Aramis, and instantly dislike it.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Ineke is Ineke Ruhland’s brainchild, a niche perfumery from San Francisco5. Her fragrance Derring-Do is meant to evoke spring rain, and opens with a big splash of citruses. At its heart it is very watery and woodsy, a transparent type of scent that’s mildly unisex. Nothing to gag over.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Beaver, from the Canadian company Zoologist, is easily my favorite of the three. Light to the point you have to double check that it’s there, it’s an aquatic fresh scent with a hint of melon and cucumber. TONS of grassy vetiver, too. I might have to invest in a full bottle, though I better get one for free (joking! Maybe!).

     Verdict: I am thrilled at having discovered Zoologist and Ineke through Scent Trunk. I will definitely be looking into their fragrances, available directly from the Scent Trunk store (don’t forget those discount points!). As for the box itself, what I think we’ve established here is that it has an excellent selection of scents to be tested for a value you simply can’t argue with. Do yourself a favor and sign up so you can discover what you’re missing. If you’re interested in the Scent Trunk box aimed at women, check out Julie’s review over on her blog. I’ll be back next month with another Scent Trunk feature, and I expect to hear you’ve taken advantage of this steal too, alright? Alright.


1Price calculated using sample prices from First in Fragrance, Lucky Scent, and Zoologist. Prices true at time of writing.

2Fragrantica: Amouage

3Amouage: Stockists

4Fragrantica: Nose Guy Robert

5Fragrantica: Ineke Perfumes And Colognes


You can check out Scent Trunk at their website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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2 responses to “Netflix for Colognes: Scent Trunk October 2015 review

  1. Great review! I am a fan of most Amouage scents that I have tried. But Beaver sounds like a refreshing summer fragrance. I hope you can score a bottle!

    • Thanks, Julie! So glad to find new Canadian companies, we’re so under-represented in the beauty community! :-/ I’ll be highlighting Canadian beauty companies in the future, so I think I’ll give Zoologist a checking out soon. 🙂

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