Better Beauty Blogging: Grow Your Audience

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Welcome to the beauty blogging academy! My name is Gil, and I will be your headmaster – class is officially in session!

     So far we’ve learned how to set up a blog with a great name, and discussed tips for creating the best content EVER. You’ve got all the makings of a great beauty blog, but… where is everybody?

     If you’re looking to succeed in beauty blogging, chances are you’re going to want some readers. It’s fine if you’re only going to share your words with family and friends – you do you, boo! But for the people out there that want some serious stats in return for all their hard work, this will give you a few points on growing an audience.

     Are you ready? Here we go!

Commenting on other blogs

     Friends are an indispensible resource in the blogosphere. They build each other up, help each other out, and form connections that exist way beyond the screen.

     But what if nobody you know in real life is interested in blogging? How do you meet fellow bloggers then? Why, you read their blogs! Every website you adore has somebody behind it – sometimes even a whole team of people. These people want feedback and interaction just as much as you do, so give them a hand and comment on their articles.

     Don’t get me wrong, there’s no reason to comment on every single one of everyone’s posts, but an interesting tidbit left in regards to something someone wrote will always be appreciated, and can spark a conversation. Comment enough times and the owner is bound to notice you – and probably check out your blog in return.

     Nurture these relationships until they become friendships by exchanging emails, postcards, or even gifts. And if your friend is going away on holiday, step up and write a guest post for them – when the time comes they’ll return the favor!

Answering your comments

     Now look at it the other way; if you are a blog owner and you get a comment on one of your articles, the worst thing you can do is ignore it. I cannot tell you how many hundreds of comments I’ve left that go unanswered, simply because the blogger doesn’t see it as a priority. However, by ignoring the words of someone who took the time to write a response you may lose them as a reader forever.

     ALWAYS answer your comments promptly. Always.

Using social media

     I was late getting on this one, but it changed the game for me. After I started seriously using social media my stats boomed. Sounds good? Here’s what you need to know.

     Set up a professional account on each social media that interests you. Not sure which ones to use? Try these:

  • Twitter: a 140-characters limit forces you to be concise. Use hashtags and tags to target your links to the right people. I’ve met some great PR people and formed partnerships thanks to Twitter!
  • Facebook: your blog can have a fan page of its own, where you can share anything you would on your private profile in a public setting.
  • Google+: chances are this will be of very little use to you, but you’ve got nothing to lose. Works similarly to Twitter, but without the characters limit.
  • Tumblr: some use this as a blogging platform, but I prefer it for linking to my actual website. Tag wisely.
  • Instagram: primarily for pictures, this is a great one for beauty bloggers looking to get some double-taps.
  • Flickr: another photo-centered one.
  • Foursquare: for sharing your location – ideal for food bloggers.

     There are dozens more, but these seem to be the big ones for bloggers at the moment. You can use a free program like HootSuite to automate the process and watch the stats climb in style. What to share? Links, primarily. But also relevant information, thoughts, and pictures – in stunning HD, please!

Taking advantage of networks

     In our interview in August Pia Long from Volatile Fiction talked about the importance of belonging to a network of like-minded individuals. What you should take from that is that the more networks you belong to, the better your chances of meeting friends and PR people.

     My primary network is the Canadian Beauty Bloggers one, and the benefits have been immense. All you need is to display their badge on the site and reap the rewards – opportunities, great reads, and awesome resources. Find a local or relevant network and put some effort into contributing to it!

     With all this information you should have an idea of how to grow and nurture your audience. Remember, make friends, be social, and network your butt off – your blog will be off the ground and running in no time. Next week we’ll be dealing with the big stuff: working with the PR companies. Stay tuned!

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One response to “Better Beauty Blogging: Grow Your Audience

  1. Your content about starting a blog and getting or rather leaving comments is fantastic that’s going to help me very much I’ve only posted an about me page,but I’m a really passionate beauty blogger and have so much I’ve already written about my passion my main subject is low self esteem or as I’ve be told social Anxiety ,also CBT therapy this is based on many years living with in diagnosed bipolar and also I want to tell the world yes I’m severly disabled but this won’t stop me and I’ve been a Avon sales rep for nearly 4 yrs now,and by doing so my self esteem has risen for the better,I could chat forever,just waiting for my new laptop to arrive so I can add more content to my blog as I written a couple of posts about social anxiety and carnt see them on my blog page ,and I got four more days to wait and I’m bursting with plenty to blog about just not on my I phone 5,thanks again for fab info xxx

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