Interview: Kathryn from Cherries in the Snow

     Do you remember your first lipstick? Is it still around? Chances are it’s long discontinued or getting close to being history. Why? Because that’s the nature of our business! Newer is better, at least most of the time. Blogger Kathryn Williams from Cherries in the Snow pays homage to her fav lippie in the title of her blog, which you’ll find out about below.

     Kathryn’s blogging style is casual editorial, and she writes about everything from the latest beauty must-haves to fashion and travel. I love her honesty (never afraid to bash a product!) and high-quality photography, and hope you’ll fall in love with the creative powerhouse and her website as I did!

Photo courtesy of Kathryn

Photo courtesy of Kathryn

     Below are Kathryn’s thoughts about her inspiration to start blogging, the ugly side of the beauty community, and tips for new #BBloggers.


Tell us a little about yourself and Cherries in the Snow – cute title anecdote included!

     I’m Kathryn, 23 and based in the North West. I joined the blogging community when everyone was naming their blogs after their favourite products, roundabout 2010. So I decided to name mine after my favourite Revlon lipstick, ‘Cherries in the Snow’, a matte raspberry red. The brand actually discontinued it, queue panic buying and stock piling.

I know the feeling! What made you want to start blogging about beauty and lifestyle in the first place?

     I always remember watching Laura from Lollipop26 (now Buy Now Blog Later) and Michelle1218 on YouTube. This was before the whole blogging community changed with sponsorship and ads. It was just two women chatting about their favourite products on their own channels. I still watch their videos and read their blogs and look towards them for inspiration.

     I was also encouraged to write my own blog while I was at university, as a way of creating an online portfolio for employers to see. I’ve always loved reading and writing, and studying Journalism at Southampton Solent helped me further those skills.

What do you know now about blogging that you wish you knew when you began?

     I signed up to Blogspot in 2010 but sadly I found it hard to update and wondered if anyone even bothered to read it, so posts stopped until about 2012. I wish I’d worked at it sooner rather than later. I’m now honing in on writing skills and photography, which could have been learnt all the way back in 2010.

What are some of the best things about blogging? Worst things?

     The best and worst thing about blogging is the community. The positives outweigh the negatives for me but I do see people struggle with the competitiveness. I’m always asking beauty questions on Twitter and people are always happy to share tips and give advice. There are so many friendly bloggers out there and I’ve made plenty of friends!

What is your current beauty Lust List? Any products you’re eyeing?

     I’m currently eyeing up lots of high end skincare. I believe you should always invest in skincare to prevent ageing and keep your skin balanced and clean. I can’t quite justify the Sunday Riley Luna serum at the moment but I’m sure I’ll talk myself around soon. Oskia is another high end brand, I’d love to try out, bloggers have nothing but good words.

     As for make-up, I want some American goodies like Kat Von D and Tarte, which aren’t available in the UK.

Kat’s line is so nice! What’s the WORST beauty product you’ve tried in a long time?

     I will try and research products before I buy them to avoid wasting money and disappointment, so generally I’m happy about my latest purchases. I think the last product I hated was Maybelline’s Baby Skin Primer, it was incredibly hard to put foundation over as it was slippy and my makeup had melted off by the end of the day.

Would you ever cultivate your product knowledge into making your own beauty products?

     This would be a dream job for me! When can I start?!

I’ll keep my eyes peeled for opportunities! What are your top tips for bloggers?

     Be consistent – I’ve only just got into the routines of posting regularly.

     Praise others – like someone’s blog? Tell them! Bloggers work hard so it’s great to get some feedback.

When you want to browse a great beauty blog, your top reads are…

     Tales of a Pale Face

     London Beauty Queen

     British Beauty Blogger

     One Little Vice

     Vivianna Does Makeup

     Lily Pebbles

     I Covet Thee

     Hello October

     Buy Now Blog Later

     Thou Shalt Not Covet

What does the future hold for Cherries in the Snow and for you?

     I’m always looking to improve my blog, whether that be with better photography, writing or more interaction. Long term I’d love to be a freelance writer alongside my blog, but for now I have a full time job and a blog I love.


     I would like to thank Kathryn for taking the time to share her ideas with me. You can find her at her blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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