Video: MASSIVE Demeter Fragrance Library Unboxing+Haul!

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2 responses to “Video: MASSIVE Demeter Fragrance Library Unboxing+Haul!

  1. Wow! What a generous gift! You were cracking me up! “Smells like a certain area of the school parking lot…” We all had those areas in high school didn’t we? I was too much of a band nerd to be concerned with that area. Enjoy your Demeter fragrances! I bet they would be great to layer. If you enjoy them you should try CB I Hate Perfume ❤ Brosius used to work for Demeter and his stuff is dreamy too.

    P.S. I bought my bestie Demeter's Play-Doh perfume a few years back and she adores it! They make good gifts!

    • Hi Julie! Blair was far too nice to me, treating me to all of this. Like everything else in Canada the selection of DFL is quite limited here, so it was a pleasure to try Pizza and Cannabis Flower. Ha! You’re right about the high school thing, likewise I was in theatre too much. 😉 Could you tell?! I have gotten a look at CB I Hate Perfume, unfortunately I’m hesitant about ordering because of just how peculiar they are! Did you know the two companies were founded by the same guy?

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