Perfume Review: ÉCLECTIQUE by TIJON

     Today we ask the question, who is the Tijon Woman? Is she mysterious and romantic like her male counterpart, embodied in the signature 2.0 fragrance for men1? Does she also crave the outdoors and adventure the way he does, or does she bring to the table something else altogether?

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     It turns out the Tijon Woman is different from her lover, but their story happily ties together in the end anyways; she is popular (a best seller, in fact1), exotic, sunny, and a little bit eclectic; she borrows her ideas from many colorful sources. She is fittingly known as Éclectique, one of the Saint Martin-based company’s original 10 fragrances. I received this bottle (which retails for $652) to review for my Daytime York Region summer beauty recommendations segment, and everyone who’s come in contact with her since has been left feeling dazed in all the right ways.

     Tijon is a perfumery founded on the idea of freedom from life’s burdens, and leaving the corporate rat race for a peaceful (if odorous!) beach-side existence3. They offer a wide range of exclusive and original perfumes and colognes (22 at last count) as well as a bespoke perfumery experience that takes that number to infinity and beyond. It turns out founder John Berglund and his associates are working liquid magic in their sun-drenched laboratories, cooking up formulas to deliver fine fragrance year round to island vacationers from far and wide.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Éclectique’s presentation is appropriately compelling as the brand’s standout feminine; her slim 50ml clear glass body holds a head of hair like an exuberant coiffure of coppery curls. The long stem of the atomizer looks like a slim stiletto heel, and with her gold lettering she is dressed for luxury. What more could you want from a lady such as this? Her sprayer distributes scent directly and precisely, sending waves of joy through your pulse points. I do wish the outer box had some kind of design (perhaps in watercolor) to compliment the vivid juice inside, but I suppose to most people that just doesn’t matter.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Her essence, like her look, is similarly irresistible, made of a fine combination of flowery and fruity notes. But don’t turn your nose just yet; this is not your run-of-the-mill fruity/floral drugstore mess. Unlike those gimmicky, kitschy, glitzy perfumes we’ve seen and smelt all too often in past years, Éclectique’s fruits and flowers aren’t a melting pot of stuff you would find in the grocery store. For her floral side, hibiscus and gentle orchid, a powdery scent that brings to mind cleansing wipes and dominates the opening. And for the fruity notes, milky coconut, tart pineapple, and the star of the heart: sexy-sweet guava. These tropical, faraway ingredients bring to mind a subtly beautiful girl with the power to draw attention from the opposite sex easily and in a careless fashion; she doesn’t bother looking for and dealing with suitors or adventure, but they always find her regardless because of her simple yet irresistible alluring nature. Her smell might be alien and sweet, but she’s got you in the palm of her hand – ravishing.

     Verdict: Tijon’s signature scents for him and for her sparked a creative flame in me, and I dreamed up a story for how they fit together. He (being 2.0), leaves his former life behind to pursue adventures in the forest. She (representing Éclectique) spends her cloudless days lazily strolling the paved streets, trailed by admirers. When their paths cross she is instantly drawn to his scent of the woodsy outdoors, and he is captivated by her sweet aroma of fruits and flora. They fall in love before ever opening their mouths, enchanted by smells of the mutually unknown, never to be seen again as they run off together, leaving a sparkling aura of summer love in their wake. Either one of these would make an excellent anniversary gift, and I am so glad to have gotten a glimpse into the island’s smelliest attraction. A heartfelt thank you to the Berglunds for their gift! Éclectique is the perfect summer perfume for the 20s-30s crowd.


1Tijon: Press Information

2Tijon: Éclectique. Prices true at time of writing.

3Amazon: A Beach Less Traveled


You can check out Tijon Fragrance Lab & Boutique at or follow them on Twitter at

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One response to “Perfume Review: ÉCLECTIQUE by TIJON

  1. I never even want to part with the empty ECLECYIQUE bottle till I know I get to return to St Maartans for our HERSHEY chocolate delivery. Hope to purchase w ECLECYIQUE at my next visit. Thanks Tijon

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