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     According to Ancient Greek mythology Eros was the son of the love goddess Aphrodite, and was himself the patron of passionate and physical desire1. Combine this erotic name with the esthetic of an Italian house best known for black leather, shiny vinyl and metal chains in their runway shows and you’ve a recipe for one sexy cologne.

     The perfume empire of the Versace house stands on icons like Blue Jeans from 1994, Versace Man from 2003, Crystal Noir from 2004, and their combined flankers from over the years. When Eros was released in 2012 it generated much hype as their new ‘pillar’ scent, coming from the labs of Givaudan and signed by perfumer Aurelien Guichard2. Guichard has an interesting track record with hits like Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please as well as tragic misses such as Tommy Hilfiger’s Loud for Him and Loud for Her. These musically-inspired scents tanked hard despite Estée Lauder’s enthusiastic predictions and a documentary by the BBC3; they currently retail for about $10.994, a big step down from the original sale price, I’m sure.

     With a visual campaign centered on 6’2” New Jersey native5 turned Adonis Brian Shimansky6, it was only a matter of time until the women’s counterpart of Eros would hit shelves to satisfy the feminine crowds staring at him with lust. Lara Stone became the face for Eros pour Femme late last year, and their combined advertisements are enough to make a grown man weep. Check out their videos below, shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott6.

     Now, let’s all gather ourselves for a moment after that – better? Good.

     I received this bottle of Eros from, a name you should be familiar with by now. We’ve collaborated before on reviews for Thierry Mugler’s A*Men Pure Havane, Jean Paul Gaultier’s Le Male Summer 2012, and their Designer Sampler Sets as well as several giveaways. Based out of Deer Park in New York8, this organization sells today’s and yesterday’s hottest perfumes for a fraction of the price you’d pay in store. After many collaborations and personal purchases I can assure you that not only are they quick to deliver but are 100% authentic. The products I’ve received with manufacturer-issued codes prove the legitimacy of their goods, leaving you to wonder why you ever bought your perfume anywhere else.

     Some of the savings you can expect on your purchases include a 27.5% discount on the retail price of Eros9, which leaves you just enough to buy two bottles of the aforementioned Loud for Her. (Maybe as a practical joke? I don’t know) The greatest thing is that such drastic price differences are the norm on, not the exception. I always have a running list of bottles to pick up in my next order, and I hope you take advantage of this awesome resource as well.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     I was sold on Eros before ever smelling it or seeing Shimansky’s ads thanks to its now iconic bottle. Allegedly designed by head honcho Donatella Versace10 herself, this blue glass square feels solid and heavy in the hand. A Greek key motif borders Medusa’s translucent face in the centre of the front facet, and the gorgon’s face is also embedded in the golden cap on top. In terms of getting their aesthetic references in order, Versace hit the nail right on the snake-infested head. Even the dark navy and gold colours of the outer box reek of sexiness and masculinity.

     Sexiness and masculinity… that’s the essence of the smell, too. For me Eros is the cologne I reach for after jamming to loud music in my headphones. It helps me to channel my inner rock star and elevates that emotion of fun and power, with an edge; like finishing a sold-out show and meeting a fan offstage for a ‘VIP experience.’ Primarily a citrus-centered composition, it opens with a sharp, zingy, in-your-face lemon mixed with a bit of basil and mint, popular in Italian cooking. It is instantly uplifting, and I can see myself applying it before going out for a night on the town. The warm and sweet nutty smell of tonka beans is evident in the opening, mixing delightfully with the cool mint in an accord that takes the senses by surprise. In the heart Eros smells salty like the ocean with the same lemon zest as before and a hint of vanilla, and the dry down is a soothing spicy, woodsy citrus aura like the afterglow of a great night, which gets the most compliments of the scent’s stages by far.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Verdict: Eros is the smell of young, happy, hypersexed male life. With a composition one could hardly find offensive and yet not generic thanks to a well-done hot/cold idea with the mint and tonka beans, Versace and Guichard found an entry-level fragrance for the mid-20s crowd that drips of their culture. While you could certainly find other fragrances that do a great citrus, none deliver the promise of the advertisement more thoroughly than Versace: cooling, refreshing, sexy. While smelling ‘clean’ (none of that blood and semen nonsense everyone said about Versace-lover Lady Gaga’s Fame) it is inherently sensual, a powerful and simplistic smell built for a powerful man with money and hot love on his mind. I am happy to recommend this from, and I can’t wait to fall in love with the women’s counterpart. Anyone else stoked for future flankers? No? Oh well, more for me!


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You can check out Versace at or follow them on Twitter at


You can check out at or follow them on Twitter at


4 responses to “Cologne Review: EROS by VERSACE courtesy of

    • Thank you, Sam, glad you enjoyed the review! Eros is a great fragrance for younger men, and has the best deals for it. I have tried Terre d’Hermes in the past, I believe, but it was a long time ago and my palette probably wasn’t very developed. Thanks for reminding me, I need to put it on the sniffing list! 🙂

  1. Cool and hot sounds complex! I adore Versace Pour Homme in my husband. But maybe I need to get him a sample of this as well (or for myself!). I second the previous commenters’ rec for Terre D’Hermes. Yum!

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