From the Editor’s Desk: Bath & Body Works & The Body Shop Summer Sales

     There were two things I was looking forward to in June: graduating high school and the Bath & Body Works semiannual sale.

     The SAS, as it is lovingly called in the B&BW community, started on June 10th this year, albeit rather quietly. Big red and yellow posters advertising up to 75% off lined the store’s outside, and when I went in to check it out the first time there was a busy hum as shoppers dug for bargains.

     And dug. And dug. And dug…

     What I’m getting at is, the bargains were hardly anywhere to be found near the start of the sale. Prices were hiked up since last year, and many came away disappointed with their hauls. For example, everyone’s favorite PocketBacs were going for $1.66 each, just 34 cents off from the regular retail price and a far cry from the $.50 SAS price from two years ago. The 24-hour body creams were going for $7.25, up $2.50 from last year. As you can see, despite still being great deals (those same creams typically go for $14.50) people came away seeking more, and that’s not even in regards to the limited selection. There was only one 75% off bin in the store with about 4 scents within, but I managed to grab a few things I’ve been wanting anyways.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     From my first SAS trip, I got a Wallflower bulb in Honeysuckle (which I’ve enjoyed in candle form before – $3.50), a Bourbon Strawberry & Vanilla ultra shea body cream ($7.25), and two body lotions in the new formula in Butterfly Flower and Lush Pink Dragonfruit ($3.38 each). Butterfly Flower became an instant favourite, with a barely-there aroma and lovely lightweight formula.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     I went to a different store location for my next trip to see if anything was different there (this was about two weeks after the sale began). The selection was a bit broader and there was a 20% coupon going around, but I only picked up two things: a 3-wick candle in Nantucket Sail ($11 – HOW long has it been since I’ve used candles?!) and another body cream, this one in Cool Amazon Rain ($3.63). I ended up snooping in The Body Shop as they were also hosting a summer sale, and got a trio of body butter minis for $7.50 and a Sweet Lemon beautifying oil for $5. 

     The purpose of my third and fourth trips was to find a wall plug for my Wallflowers, since Daddy Dearest decided my old one was trash and threw it out (grrrrrr). Only when I went to the store in Eaton Centre in downtown Toronto was I finally told that there were no more plugs coming in until after the sale, and all the stores sold out of their stock already. I was disappointed by this, but with the amount of home fragrance in my collection already I knew I could hold out until they came back in stock. (And possibly for many years after…)

     Altogether I am pleased with what I found at both sales, even though prices and product varieties weren’t that great. Did you take advantage of the awesome sales? I would be curious to hear about any “unicorn” finds, as Donovan from Real Talk About Bath & Body Works Candles would say. B&BW Canada doesn’t seem to have many interesting special releases, but heaven knows I wouldn’t mind getting my nose on the fabled Bacon Chocolate Cupcake candle! Yum! 😉


2 responses to “From the Editor’s Desk: Bath & Body Works & The Body Shop Summer Sales

  1. Congrats on your graduation Gil!! What a milestone! Looks like you scrounged up a few treasures. Alas I found nothing noteworthy. I only picked up some pocket bacs and a few hand soaps. We were all out of those at home. I look forward to hearing how Nantucket performs for you! I have had great luck with Rainforest Gardenia ❤

    • Thank you, Julie! It feels really great to be finished. I’m sorry to hear that you didn’t find anything special at the sales, it seems like that was the general consensus. Even avid B&BW fans like Donovan from didn’t haul as much as he normally does. Did you find any of the new Pocketbacs? They’re an interesting design, but everyone is complaining that they won’t fit in the old holders. I will report back on the candle! 🙂

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