The last book that had me tearing up was Nicholas Sparks’ “The Last Song,” as the protagonist’s father passes from stomach cancer at the end of a beautiful and romantic summer.

     The latest film that had me dabbing my eyes was “The Fault in Our Stars,” as two teens deal with unwritten last chapters and thyroid cancer.

     And the last perfume that made me cry is this one, inspired by overcoming the passing of a loved one due to cancer. (Notice a pattern?)

     This is Tara, a botanical perfume from the London, Ontario-based Delizioso Skincare, headed by sisters Ariel and Leeona. These entrepreneurs have created a range free of parabens, alcohol, chlorine, petrochemicals, GMOs, gluten, formaldehydes and pesticides. In addition, their collection is cruelty free and never diluted1, making it a great option for the demanding crowds that seek natural cosmetics.

     So who was the inspiration and namesake behind the smell? Turns out it was Tara Mackey, a scientist, musician and author from Los Angeles2. Tara lost her father to cancer over a year ago3, which I emphasize with having gone through the loss of two grandparents to the disease myself. Although I was young at the time I still remember my parents’ devastation at telling my brother and me the news, and the pain we all experienced in saying goodbye. One of my greatest wishes is that as humans we will put aside our differences long enough to find some form of a cure for at least the major strands of cancer in my lifetime. The past 100 years have seen such tremendous leaps and strides in healthcare that I remain hopeful.

     With the release of the perfume Tara sought to honor her father and dedicate 5% of the proceeds from each perfume sale towards the Cancer Research Institute, the world’s only nonprofit dedicated entirely to conquering all cancers4. At the current selling price of $81.60/1.70 ounces5 that translates to a $4.08 contribution with every purchase – not bad, not bad at all.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     It appears that the decals on the sample I received rubbed off a bit in transport, but it is a good size and has a great atomizer. The full-size perfume comes complete with an old-school bulbous atomizer and is so beautiful to look at. Just imagine the elegance of displaying it on your vanity and pumping the air full of sweet fumes…

     Speaking of sweet fumes, prepare yourself for 10+ hours of mouth-watering sweetness with this one. Opening with the same cheesecake/cream cheese note I described in Perfumes by Terri’s Vertigo Cuir, this quickly transitions into a mix of bright pink, bouncy bubble gum (the kind that’s so strongly flavored it hurts your tongue at first) and freshly-spun, dense cotton candy. Fairy floss and chewing gum have never been part of my sophistication repertoire, but Tara is not a perfume for the preteen crowd. A woman in her late teens or early twenties might enjoy this one as an alternative to Pink Sugar, which many complain about for being too heavy on the caramel. But be warned, Tara lasts for hours on end, hovering in rooms where it is sprayed like a blast from the gates of Willy Wonka’s factory. Look out for any nearby Oompa Loompas!

     VerdictTara is a perfume that unapologetically smells like a child’s dream, dripping sugariness and fun. Ridiculous to some, perhaps, but a high quality, simple treat to others. The bottle is neat, the cause neater still, and I have nothing to add to this already glowing review other than, more please!


1Delizioso Skincare: About Us

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5Delizioso Skincare: Tara Botanical Atomizer Perfume. Prices true at time of writing.


You can check out Delizioso Skincare at or follow them on Twitter at


4 responses to “Perfume Review: TARA by DELIZIOSO SKINCARE

  1. This sounds like a perfectly fun and light hearted scent. I am sorry to hear about your grandparents. My PopPop battles colon cancer and it is a tough fight to have to engage in. I definitely no longer fit the age crowd this is geared towards but who knows… Maybe I will try it. 🙂

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