You might not take me for a hair care expert, and indeed I’m not. I could help you land a floral perfume without a problem, and if you’re searching for the perfect bar of exfoliating soap I’ve got your back (pun intended). But what products will solve your hair problems? You’d be better off taking the advice of someone with more experience. (And more hair!)

     That said, I couldn’t not write about this conditioner.

     Are you familiar with the expression, “boys will be boys?” For the most part I think it’s lame and outdated (I’m looking at you, Bruce Jenner), but it tends to ring true in our general knowledge of cosmetics. Yes, I have more moisturizers than most and I admit to using a cleanser or two every once in a while, but for the longest time I didn’t see the need for conditioner.

     Then I met LUSH Cosmetics’ American Cream, and everything changed. Two sample pots later I was obsessed with not only the strawberries and cream scent but also the way it made my hair feel. I jumped online to buy a bottle and… Yikes – it’s $32.95 a pop1.

     Discouraged, I looked elsewhere to supply my new obsession. I tried conditioners by Dove, Head and Shoulders, and even those tiny mini ones you find in hotels. Nothing compared to the luxurious locks I had when I was using American Cream.

     I was about ready to bite the bullet and reach for my life savings when my friend Laura recommended I try Herbal Essences. As soon as she did recommendations for the stuff started flying in from all my other friends – had I been missing out? At about $5 a bottle (300mL), this brand is much more affordable than the competition. Could I find something from them that compares to AC?

     With about 22 conditioner options, narrowing it down was tough. I ended up settling for Honey, I’m Strong, a strengthening number with honey and apricot extract. The bottle is a pretty gold color with a delicious-looking label on the front. And from what I understand, there’s a companion shampoo that goes along with it. “10x stronger in 1 wash” the website claims2 – I grabbed the bottle and started lathering.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Verdict: This. Stuff. Rocks! It took between 3-4 washes to start feeling a difference, but when it came it was phenomenal. If you have tough, wavy/curly hair that feels dry, then Honey, I’m Strong is the perfect fit. Not only does it feel hydrating while it’s on, not only does it smell lovely (like soft florals and fruits – appropriately reminiscent of Marc Jacobs’ Honey), and not only will it give you added shine and manageability, but people will also be flocking to your head to feel the difference. Use a generous amount every time you wash, leaving it in from the start of your shower to rinsing time, and prepare to be blown away. By the end of the bottle you will be proud of the journey your hair has made – and the softness it acquired along the way. Then, pat yourself on the shoulder for saving your money for things that actually matter: floral perfume, anyone? Exfoliating bar soap?


1LUSH: American Cream Conditioner. Prices true at time of writing.

2Herbal Essences: Damaged Hair Conditioner


You can check out Herbal Essences at or follow them on Twitter at


2 responses to “Conditioner Review: HONEY, I’M STRONG by HERBAL ESSENCES

  1. A good conditioner is a joy to have and a necessity for my dry curly hair. I will be checking out HE Honey conditioner soon! I go through conditioner about three times faster than shampoo so cheap is wonderful for me!

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