We’ve now been through Valentine’s Day, Easter, and even Mother’s Day, but I’m still using up my Christmas beauty products. Such is the life of a blogger that falls for every new, limited-edition release.

     For the 2014 winter holidays The Body Shop brought out three individual fragrances, all of which had been released in previous years. Vanilla Bliss and Cranberry Joy from 20131 turned into Vanilla Brulee and Frosted Cranberry, while Ginger Sparkle was dropped for Glazed Apple, which YouTuber Drew Yauch says was introduced a few years back2.

     I wasn’t particularly attracted to Vanilla Brulee, which I thought smelled generic, and I already had a tub of Cranberry Joy body butter at home. Glazed Apple lured me with its pretty packaging and an addicting fragrance that had me grinning in recognition.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     I have owned body sprays from The Body Shop in the past and always loved that they come in elegant glass bottles. The packaging for this year was forest-green with a shimmery logo, and the fluid inside had the slightest tinge of green. What I found most interesting was that seemingly out of nowhere the product type had changed from regular body spray to a dual purpose body and room spray. At this time the rest of the brand’s mists remain just for the body, which I think is for the best. Without any propellant in the ingredients list this definitely doesn’t work as a room spray for me. It also garners significantly more air bubbles on its top than the regular mists, which I think is a detail that only I am noticing and probably means nothing.

     You may have heard of the recent trend for food-scented fine fragrances, and I don’t mean gourmand scents such as Douceur Brulee from Perfumes by Terri. I’m talking real-to-life replicas of iconic scents; Pizza Hut’s Eau de Pizza Hut (“one of the most sought-after and rarest of scents available3”), Cheetos’ Cheetau by Chester (“dangerously cheesy4”), and the new Japanese Burger King Flame-Grilled Fragrance, meant to evoke their Whopper burger (“something like the burnt-rubber skidmarks left by a box-fresh-MacBook-carrying courier scooter after it crashed into a bacon salt factory5”). Yeah, that kind of fragrance.

     The reason I bring this up is because Glazed Apple also smells like an iconic edible to me, and it’s not necessarily the candied apple that’s pictured on the bottle. From the moment I tried this fragrance I knew that it smells just like Jolly Rancher candies, the hard, fruit flavored sweets from Hershey’s. Kids in North America will recognize this as a popular (overpriced) cinema snack or a treat given in school. In ninth grade my teacher let us make cotton candy from the stuff in a special machine (during class!), and I’ll never forget the pleasure of watching the candies melt and get spun into fluff.

     Hardcore Jolly Rancher fans know that today the official flavors are cherry, blue raspberry, grape, sour apple and watermelon6. I haven’t managed to positively identify which of those Glazed Apple brings to mind, but I think it’s just the general aroma of opening a bag. It’s fruity, a tad tart, and artificially sweet to the point that it sticks to the back of your throat.

     The performance for this delightful spray was excellent, on par with any eau de toilette. A little weak on the projection, but it lasts many hours. The compliments stack up every time I wear it, and I am pretty confident that I will finish it before next Christmas. (Maybe; hopefully; please!)

     Verdict: If you dislike Jolly Ranchers you will definitely dislike this fragrance. (You’re also crazy.) Take it from me, forget the room spray aspect and spray away at your person. Although they didn’t capture the scent of a candied apple, (like Bath & Body Works with the failure that is Winter Candy Apple) The Body Shop made a desirable fragrance that is both creative and fun. I think that men and women can wear it, although it’s hard to say what for. A date to Chuck E. Cheese’s, maybe!


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You can check out The Body Shop at or follow them on Twitter at


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