I’ve heard that the smell of baking bread can make you kinder1, but a perfume that makes the wearer instantaneously happier? Call me a skeptic. Yet that’s exactly what Puredistance Master Perfumes set out to do with their newest women’s scent, WHITE.

     From the press release I received:

“The main idea behind the creation of Puredistance WHITE Perfume has been to create a perfume so beautiful and positive that it gives the wearer an instant flow of happiness.

Our aim is to give our customers a positive, mood transforming perfume.”

     Step aside, aromatherapy; there’s a new sheriff in town! (Mr. WHITE will see you now… too soon?)

     Based in the Netherlands, Puredistance was founded by Jan Ewoud Vos and released its first perfume in 2007, titled Puredistance I2. In November 2013 they released BLACK3, a fragrance they claim plays hide-and-seek on the skin4. I figured WHITE would be complimentary to the former because of the similar names, and was eager to try a perfume that would in theory make me happier.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     The package I received to review was absolutely stunning. WHITE came inside a fabric pouch within the pictured box, accompanied by what appeared to be a single flower blossom – hello, gorgeous! I found the presentation instantly brightened my day, and I extend my gratitude to Mary from Puredistance for sending it all the way to Canada.

     The so-called master perfumer that worked on WHITE is the same one that did its predecessor, Paris-based Antoine Lie. Lie studied Jean Carles’ method of perfumery at the Roure Perfumery School5, which Carles founded in 19466. For those unfamiliar, Carles is credited as the man who invented the current method of teaching perfumery7, so I had high expectations for what his creation might be like.

     Puredistance’s position on the market is a high-end one. A sample of WHITE such as the one I used for this review will set you back €298. The company prides itself in utilizing high-quality ingredients and a relatively high amount of perfume oil in their products, including a 38% concentration in WHITE9 (BLACK, by comparison, is only 25%4). This intensity will supposedly help to prolong the lifetime of both the scent on the skin and the scent in the bottle – their €490 100ml bottles4 should last a while, I should think.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     Now, remember the promise that the brand makes for this brand new release is that of happiness. In theory I should be laughing uncontrollably and hugging everyone after a single spray… or maybe I’m exaggerating. After testing WHITE for a few days I’ve come up with a word I would use to describe it rather than ‘happy’: comforting. WHITE is the smell of freshly-laundered sheets in an airy bedroom with a window to the garden outside, where roses bloom in the mild sun. It opens with a creamy rose and vanilla accord that makes me think of a kind caress. The body is heavy on musk and vanilla, which wearers will instantly recognize as the smell of detergent or fabric softener10. WHITE glows warmly on the skin, gently diffused despite the alleged high concentration. I found it to last well on me for roughly 4-5 hours, and it earned many compliments.

     Verdict: I think that WHITE is a pretty fragrance, albeit rather mature. A woman in her 50s might find it to be the perfect casual perfume for summertime, a portrait of the breezy joy that comes from life’s small comforts. The price is steep, but the presentation is superb and the longevity decent. I rather enjoyed testing this one, and would recommend you check out their sample sets if you are curious for this and other Puredistance fragrances. As for the instant flow of happiness – I’m still waiting for it, but at least I smell nicer than before I began this review!


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You can check out Puredistance Master Perfumes at or follow them on Twitter at


2 responses to “Perfume Review: WHITE by PUREDISTANCE MASTER PERFUMES

  1. I enjoyed reading this review. WHITE sounds like a perfume I would love. Creamy vanilla roses and mature are descriptors I can get down with. Your photos look beautiful.

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