From the Editor’s Desk: 2 Years Anniversary

To my valued readers, friends, and collaborators:

     2014 has been an exciting year for me and my blog, and 2015 is following right in its footsteps. I have had amazing opportunities to work with companies and individuals I admire and write about products from all across the board. In my new interviews series I also get to share wisdom from respected individuals within the industry with my audience, which is a gift I am so grateful to receive.

     None of this would be possible without the support of my readers. Your feedback, both in the comments and through email, keeps me going when blogging gets tough. Whenever I find myself looking forward to writing about a new scent it’s always because I am excited to share it with you. I think constantly about how I can improve this website so that it offers better value for those who look to it for trusted opinions and information. Know I take none of it for granted, and appreciate every single page hit.

     To mark’s second anniversary I wanted to give you a heads up about some new features and content that will be coming out very soon.

     You may have noticed that my product photography has improved in quality, thanks to a new camera that I’m still figuring out. I hope that the photos will make you crave the amazing products I get to talk about every week the same way I obsess over them.

     The blog’s look also received a fresh facelift in the past months. I think that the new design is bright and clean. As we go forward I hope to continue to streamline my organization and keep posts visually appealing. Your feedback is always welcomed.

     Finally, please take a moment to look at my new contribute page. As of today I am officially opening up the opportunity to anybody to contribute to this blog, on a regular basis or as a guest. I am looking for people with the same passion for fragrance and beauty as mine who can put forth new ideas and write for Check out the page for more information.

     Here is a sneak peak at the new content that I have planned for the future: more reviews and interviews (of course!), exciting giveaways, videos, articles, DIY projects, tutorials, and more. My promise to you as a blogger is this: I will always strive to create quality content and be as responsive to your needs as possible. Thank you so much for coming along with me on this journey into fragrance and writing, I hope that you love every minute as much as I do.



Gil Segev founder & editor.


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