Recently I’ve blogged about several limited-edition fragrances that came out for Christmas 2014, including Bath & Body Works’ Winter Candy Apple, A Thousand Wishes, and Forever Red Vanilla Rum from 2013. Before I finish my festive parade of reviews I wanted to jump ahead to a product from LUSH Cosmetics’ Valentine’s Day range, because although the holiday is months behind us, I know that you may still find remnants of the collection in stores.

     It is my experience that bar soaps and shower gels are the last items to sell from a given LUSH collection, sometimes weeks if not more after the last bath bomb disappears from shelves. For example, when I visited the Harold Square location in New York City in January there were mountains of Reindeer Rock and Snowcake left, even though items like Dashing Santa and Snow Fairy Sparkle Massage Bar were long gone.

     When I went in March to my local store to check out the Easter range (reviews coming soon), I also found several rows of Prince Charming shower gel bottles and about half a heart’s worth of Valentine’s soap.

     If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out this video:

     As you can see in the last shot, Cupid’s Love arrived in stores in a giant heart shape with a soapy white arrow piercing it on either side, which LUSH staff will cut you a chunk of in any size starting from 100 grams ($6.951). Those familiar with LUSH will recognize this design from 2014’s Neon Love2, which was simply renamed for this year’s release. If ordered online Cupid’s Love comes in a cute 100 grams heart shape that’s perfect for gifting. It was also available in the Toucan Love and True Romance gift boxes.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     In the past I wrote about a LUSH staple, the Sexy Peel bar soap. That one had a beautiful orange fragrance and tiny pieces of citrus peels to exfoliate the skin and get your blood flowing. Since then I’ve tried many more of their scents, and found that their formulas also differ. Cupid’s Love, like Yog Nog, has soy yogurt in its list of ingredients3. This is meant to be softening and nourishing on the skin, but I know that many people find it leaves behind a slippery film that can be unpleasant.

     Ultimately the scent is what sold me on Cupid’s Love. I have a personal obsession with Cherry Coke, of all things, and in my quest to find it LUSH has been a hero. See, Coca-Cola played with my heart when they introduced the heavenly beverage to Canada only to pull the plug on it soon afterwards. In 2013 they brought it back for a limited time at Costco, and then in 2014 Target carried a limited supply4. That ended disastrously, with the retailer closing down all 133 Canuck branches early this year5.

     So what’s a Canadian Cherry Coke lover to do other than carry back bottles of the stuff from every trip south of the border (which I do)?

     The answer is (to my delight) buying a ton of this soap. Rather unintentionally, I believe, LUSH created a pretty close replica of Cherry Coke’s instantly recognizable aroma. In the Christmas collection they had a cola flavored/scented lip scrub6, but Cupid’s Love has its own unique scent described as “a beautiful blend of citrusy bergamot, rosewood and spicy cinnamon leaf oil1.” I say, forget all that – when dry this soap smells just like sweet and fruity Cherry Coke and no one can convince me otherwise.

     In the shower this soap creates a pink slime that you lather on yourself. I was impressed with its hydrating properties, although it’s not meant to be in place of a lotion (that’s what their body conditioner is for). Cupid’s Love suds up in delightful fruity-smelling bubbles that don’t leave your skin feeling stripped and tight. The performance sold me completely on a scent that I loved already, making for one happy blogger.

     Verdict: Just when I thought I couldn’t love LUSH any more than I already do, this happens. This scent excites me and makes me happy, and I couldn’t ask for much more in terms of performance. The only criticism I have for it is that it only comes out once a year – what the heck, guys?! I think I’ll start putting aside money in a special account to purchase the entire block next year. I am taken with this soap, and you can bet your butt it’s going to be my Valentine for many years to come. I’m debating bringing it with me to prom.


1LUSH: Cupid’s Love. Prices true at time of writing.

2Logical Harmony: Lush Neon Love Soap Review

3All Things LUSH UK: Yog Nog Soap

4Wikipedia: Coca-Cola Cherry

5Global News: Target Canada closing all 133 stores

6Musings of a Muse: Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub Review


You can check out LUSH Cosmetics at or follow them on Twitter at


2 responses to “Soap Review: CUPID’S LOVE by LUSH COSMETICS

  1. Cherry cola? Yummm! It is sad that most of my Lush favorites are limited editions. I feel the same way about Twilight shower gel and Lord of Misrule bath bombs. I will keep my eye out for this soap. I have a minor bar soap addiction. Thank you for the great review!

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