The Daily Mail reported in 2008 that over 881 fragrances were released that year1.

     Now, I don’t know what exactly their qualification of a proper fragrance is, but I’m betting that figure doesn’t include every niche release, every indie newbie, or even most of the stuff you’d find at the mall around Boxing Day. Why? Because that number would probably be in the thousands. With the growing popularity of ‘perfumer kits’ any bloke with $302 can now slap a label on a bottle and earn a Fragrantica page. Well, maybe not exactly, but you get the point.

     Regrettably even with my debatably well-paced two reviews/week blogging schedule I wouldn’t be able to cover all those releases. Heck, if I wanted to write about them all – and I don’t – I’d need to pump out a thousand or so opinioned words three times a day. No, thank you!

     However, I happily do have a moment to tell you about one particular release that went unnoticed by many this past holiday season; Bath & Body Works came out with their Christmas 2014 collection of A Thousand Wishes in the early autumn, and it called to me with its peculiar bottle shape and the promise of delicious almond crème and sugared sandalwood3.

     An affordable wintery gourmand? Where do I sign up?!

     To my delight the mall-based retailer offered a 7mL ‘preview’ size of the EDT, which for a fragrance collector is ideal (unlike the 236mL monstrosity of Winter Candy Apple that I’m now stuck with). At $5 in America4 ($6 in Canada) it is the perfect price for a low-end stocking stuffer or sweet treat that’s great for on-the-go application. I snatched a bottle before anyone could say otherwise, and have loved it since.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     A Thousand Wishes ditches the boxy design of last year’s Christmas-time release5 for sexy curves on a magenta glass bottle, decorated with gold specks and a metallic pink cap. I was extremely pleased with this edition’s packaging, which makes for a feminine and delicate flacon that screams I’m beautiful inside and out!

     Indeed, the pretty packaging is the perfect vessel for this sweet, fruity fragrance. Opening with a juicy and intense note of star fruit and quince, the composition has a sugary sweetness that lasts throughout. It is a bit on the heavy side despite the airy imagery of the packaging, but I like it for that because it is powerful enough to mask any stink (believe me, I’ve tried!). Once I put on a heavy masculine for an occasion that I immediately realized called for something more youthful, and A Thousand Wishes easily covered the former. Very impressive for an EDT concentration!

     In the dry down you will find that same sweet fruity accord and a touch of sandalwood. None of that almond goodness we were enticed with, but a solid everyday feminine nonetheless. The star here is really the sugar note.

     VerdictA Thousand Wishes was one of the company’s better releases of 2014, what with disappointing summer and autumn collection. At a price that everyone can afford, this perfume is a luxury in every respect: a beautiful presentation, an addicting aroma of sugar and fruit, and longevity to last every holiday party. If you see remnants of the range in store or online I recommend picking up a bottle for yourself or a young female friend. A festive gem, A Thousand Wishes makes me wish for a thousand more bottles.


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2 responses to “Perfume Review: A THOUSAND WISHES by BATH & BODY WORKS

  1. You make me wish (a thousand wishes!!!) that I had scooped the mini up when I had the chance. I am crossing my fingers the BBW Outlets in Orlando might have some leftovers.

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