Fun fact: when humans are born they are 75% water, or nearly as moist as a fresh apple. Over time this percentage shrinks to about 55-60% in an adult1, and if that teaches us anything it’s that the makeup artists were right all along: you need to hydrate your skin to keep it looking young!

     It’s no secret that skin loses moisture, and therefore the smooth elasticity that we so desire. Before I started this blog I was opposed to body lotions (there’s a bad allergic reaction back-story to this), but since then I’ve come around: moisturizing is a must. Fresh out of the shower, there’s no better time to massage luxurious ointments and creams onto your aching body in a meditative act that is rewarding and worth the time.

     For a long while I was using the generic body lotions available on the market – anything from the drugstore, the occasional Bath & Body Works, a Body Shop butter when it went on sale; although there was nothing particularly wrong with any of them, I found that they were not meant for the intense hydration that my skin desires in winter.

     Enter the B&BW body creams: surpassing the body lotions’ 16 hour hydration guarantee2 at 24 hours of protective moisture3, they are truly the winning workhorse of the category.

     What is so unique about this particular formula is the way it feels when you apply it to the skin. Fresh out of the tube the product is a yellowy colour and very thick, kind of like The Body Shop’s body butters. However, smeared onto skin the body cream melts into a smooth oil that glides onto dry skin and nourishes it deeply.

     The product has a light fragrance that is different from the EDT in the same range by a long shot (from the archives: sweet jasmine, citrus, and bubblegum4). It’s more woodsy and citrusy than the original, with a hint of booziness. It has the same marshmallow sweetness of the spray, but none of the unflattering bubblegum that makes it a severe NOT for me.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     The packaging is pretty, so my only complaint is the size. It current retails at $15/226g3, which is really not a great price. I would like to see cheaper jumbo sizes – I could easily go for 300-350g for the same money.

     Verdict: I think that Bath & Body Works’ body cream in Forever Red Vanilla Rum is a five-star product for its combination of uniqueness amongst a sea of lotion-clones, a mature but delicious smell, and hydration that works around the clock for me and my skin. Would wholeheartedly recommend this line of products from B&BW to anybody who suffers from dry skin. A final tip: this is not the first time that B&BW’s products smell different within the same range, and unfortunately probably won’t be the last. If you love a fragrance I recommend testing each product before committing to it – the scent variations can be a true disaster in the making for those with a sensitive sniffer.


1NPR: Born Wet, Human Babies Are 75 Percent Water. Then Comes The Drying

2Bath & Body Works: Signature Collection Body Lotion Twilight Woods

3Bath & Body Works: Aromatherapy Body Cream Orange Ginger Perfume Review: Forever Red Vanilla Rum by Bath & Body Works


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