Fine Fragrance Mist Review: WINTER CANDY APPLE by BATH & BODY WORKS

     I am a sucker for limited-edition anything; jumbo-sized Halloween candy, ornament-shaped Coke bottles, and those adorable cream eggs that come out every year for Easter. And of course, who can forget all the coveted M.A.C. Disney collections? I want it all!

     There is something truly maddening about normal products dressed up for the occasion – I gather it’s the reason the greeting cards industry is in business today, seeing as we’re all looking for something extraordinary. Slap on a festive packaging or change the flavor to match the locale and you’ve got something that we as consumers really want. And although I am aware of this scam, I am not immune – and chances are, you aren’t, either. There’s also something to be said about the addictiveness of collecting the various products before they’re gone, and I know I’m not the only one!

     This past holiday season I was in great debate over which cosmetics company I should pay more attention to. As I’m sure you’re aware, nearly every store came out with an exclusive, seasonal collection. From the dozens of lipsticks in various shades of 2014’s popular ‘berry’ color to a million gingerbread scented bath & body treats, there was a lot to look at, and even though we’re technically out of 2008’s recession, not a lot of money to go around.

     I ended up picking quite a few items from LUSH Cosmetics’ extensive Christmas collection (reviews coming later in the year), but I realized I was missing something still; I had something eggnog-scented, something minty, but nothing with the distinct apple aroma that I crave when the weather turns cold. Nothing like hot apple pie, or cider, or even… Candy apples.

     It quickly turned out that I had options to choose from. The Body Shop introduced their relatively small holiday collection of scents early on, which I found out about thanks to blogger Drew Yauch. In his video1 he spoke about one of the scents called Glazed Apple, which I ended up purchasing on Valentine’s Day (deeply discounted), which shows just how well that collection sold, or rather not.

     Then I remembered something I tried the year before, something that was also candy apple scented and very good – a hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works. I mentioned it briefly in one of my beauty empties videos, and when I went looking for it I found its name: Winter Candy Apple. Lo and behold, when I popped into the store for a peek at their holiday offering I found it, and snatched up the second last bottle in the store. Talk about good timing!

     You’ll remember that I’m not the biggest fan of Bath & Body Works’ body sprays, for many reasons; I think they’re overpriced ($14/236mL for the signature collection, $22.50/236 for the ‘Forever’ collection2), they vary greatly in projection and longevity, and they’re not all offered in EDT concentration. But because I was on a limited-edition candy apple spree, I took a leap of faith.

© Gil Segev 2015

© Gil Segev 2015

     The bottles for this year’s ‘Holiday Traditions’ range were very pretty, and indeed quite different in appearance from the signature collection. They were all similarly decorated with glittery gold trimmed stickers and everything from the cap to the juice inside was matching. From what I’ve seen there were only three body sprays even though the range had five individual fragrances, which is a definite bummer for those who wanted the entire ‘ritual’ (shower gel, lotion, mist). The other two available were Twisted Peppermint and Vanilla Bean Noel.

     The first thing I noticed when I sprayed Winter Candy Apple on my wrist was that it had a slight pink tinge to it – a very rare, unappealing quality in perfume. It made my skin seem slightly bruised for a few minutes, but isn’t entirely noticeable. The second thing I noticed was that the scent – although pleasant – was not the same as it had been in the sanitizer last year. Instead it was a sort of luxurious soapy rose with a hint of apple and sweetness.

     Not entirely a disappointment although a totally mislead mistake, this composition has a healthy dose of sweet, artificial cinnamon and orange that can come off remotely candy-like in the dry down. To me WCA smells like a very informal night on the town in early winter, with lots of street food and light strings and laughter. Pleasing for the teenage crowd, I can see why it comes back every year. Would be interesting at a higher concentration, and in the bath.

     Verdict: Altogether I was dismayed that the scent was so different from what I had expected, and felt that the name is not entirely accurate. If you like youthful sweet scents you might like Winter Candy Apple. The price point is still off for me, but with their ever-changing pool of coupons you should be able to snatch up a bottle for no more than five bucks when it comes around again. As for longevity, I think Winter Candy Apple is one of B&BW’s longer lasting mists, and unlike the ever-popular Sweet Pea this one might actually last you (if they don’t change the composition again). I would say it caps out at around 4 hours. Winter Candy Apple gets one semi-pleased thumbs up from me.


1Drew Yauch: NEW The Body Shop Glazed Apple Body Butter Coming Soon!

2US dollars at Prices true at time of writing.

3Fragrantica: Winter Candy Apple Bath and Body Works for women


You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


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