Sample Review: SIMPLY BELLE by EXCEPTIONAL PARFUMS (courtesy of

     I’ve done it – at long last I’ve gone through every sample in the designer fragrance sets I was sent last November.

     It took me a long time to write about them because there are so many products within – 11 separate fragrances with unique themes. When I look back I remember some really surprising, gorgeous finds (Exceptional Because You Are for men, Light Blue, etc.) and a few that missed the mark for me.

     Today I have the final review of the bunch – a full length feature on Exceptional Parfums’ Simply Belle from the women’s set – and an overview of the samplers as wholes. If you want to know my thoughts on their value, skip to the verdict at the end.

     Before I get to Simply Belle, I have to address why I chose not to write about the sample of John Varvatos’s Vintage from the men’s set. The reason is simply because of how offensive I found the scent to be. When I opened the vial and sniffed inside the first thing that my nose said was no! I made a face at it and put it on my skin apprehensively. Within minutes, it was clear that my first impression was correct.

     Vintage is a horribly cheap smelling men’s fragrance, like a bucket of cleaning fluid mixed with a squirt of green cologne. It smells like chemicals and rotten vegetation, and is an absolute mess that couldn’t be salvaged without protective nose-wear.

     However, Simply Belle is what we’re here to discuss today, and I’m happy to report that this one is not a disappointment. Designer Fragrance Sampler closeups Designer Fragrance Sampler closeups

     It smells like a barbershop, kinda soapy and floral in a very romantic way. Really, a scent that would work best in a bar of luxury soap. There’s a little hint of peach in Belle, resulting in a dreamy, light opening that drifts into a powdery state fit for a young woman.

     Like the rest of the Exceptional Parfums family, there’s not much to be known about Simply Belle. I predict that this is a scent that many women who are used to sweet scents will dislike, but those who enjoy florals and ‘old fashioned’ perfume will want to give it a try. A 100mL bottle will set you back $54.99, but the scent is also available in lotion and shower gel, available at $16.99 and $14.99 respectively for 200mL.

     Verdict: when it comes to saving money on beauty and fragrance, is my ultimate destination. Their collection is immense, ranging from the hottest releases to the discontinued flankers you’ve never heard of (and want!). Their designer fragrance sets are available for $14.99 each, equaling about $2.50-3/sample. I think that if you are looking for an easy gift and minimal hassle this is a good value, and gives the recipient a chance to try many new scents. You can find all of my previous reviews on my Collection page on the blog.

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You can check out Exceptional Parfums at or follow them on Twitter at


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