I just love being blown away.

     There’s something absolutely refreshing about having prejudice against a fragrance before ever trying it and then finding that it’s great. We’ve all been there, especially with more inexpensive perfumes.

     If you’ve never ordered from before then you probably haven’t met the family of Exceptional Parfums. It’s a brand exclusive to the website, and the company almost always puts a sample or two in with each order for you to try out. Last year I reviewed a sample of their Exceptional… Because You Are perfume for women, and was disappointed with it. So when I saw the men’s version in the Designer Fragrance Sampler for men set, I wasn’t expecting to love it.

     Man, was I wrong! Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men

     Exceptional Because You Are for Men is a cologne from 2008, and that’s about all the information that there is to go off of. There’s no listed perfumer, no abstract, no ad campaign or anything else. The only commentary I can offer is about the bottle, which is basically a grey version of the women’s scent. It’s very uninspired, and I wish they’d taken more of a risk with the design. Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men

     As for the scent: if you love tart, spicy scents, you will definitely enjoy this one. Each time I apply it is different on my skin, sometimes coming up with notes of rum, other times bitter cocoa. There is definitely a fruitiness to it, a hint of pineapple, but very peppery all in all. It lasts quite well, but the projection is ridiculously low. You would have to douse yourself before anyone would notice, and that’s bit of a letdown.

     Verdict: What can I say? I like it a lot! There’s lots of complexity here despite the notes being simple. It feels multifaceted, interesting, and attention-grabbing. For the price you really can’t beat it, and I recommend all younger men who are looking for a ‘date’ cologne give it a try.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Exceptional Parfums at or follow them on Twitter at


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