Sample Review: GUILTY POUR HOMME by GUCCI (courtesy of

     When it comes to designer fragrances for men, I tend to see two trends.

     One, compositions that have a standout set of notes and yet are still pleasant (for example, Thierry Mugler’s Pure Havane with its tobacco, vanilla and honey), and two, mishmashes of notes that are typically perceived as masculine where nothing stands out (such as Light Blue from D&G – note that despite this, it is also a very good scent). Gucci Guilty pour Homme is one of those unfortunate scents, where although not bad, is not memorable either. Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men

     This sample is one of five from the Designer Fragrance Sampler for Him set, which gives consumers a great sense of what’s ‘hot’ on the market today. Gucci Guilty pour Homme is available in Sephora, and is widely regarded as a popular fragrance for young men. I will mention that I am impressed with the colour of the fragrance, as it is both masculine and bold. However, I wish it came with an atomizer. Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men Designer Fragrance Sampler for Men

     In 2011 the Florence based company set out to create a sequel to its best-seller for women, Gucci Guilty. Perfumer Jacques Huclier, who coincidentally created the aforementioned Pure Havane, brought to the table Gucci Guilty pour Homme, set in a metallic flacon to compliment the gold one of the women’s version. Looking at the notes for the two, it is hard to see where the resemblance begins, for apart from a citrus opening and a base of patchouli, they seem to be mostly independent.

     Gucci Guilty pour Homme opens with a bright lemon, sour apple, and a hint of spices, reminiscent of Eon Productions’ 007. After that it becomes a headache to describe, an assortment of muted lavender and sweaty patchouli that makes me think of unwashed bodies. Despite this, Guilty pour Homme has a relatively fresh overtone, one that lasts relatively poorly on the skin and leaves me craving for more.

     Verdict: There is nothing wrong with smelling like Gucci Guilty pour Homme, but why bother when there are so many more interesting fragrances out there? While I trust that many men – and indeed women – will enjoy its easiness and accept it as an all-day kind of scent, I am saddened to say that I myself will not. In a fragrance I seek adventure and dreams of someplace else, but all GGpH gives me is a faded image of what it means to be a crowd-pleaser.

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