Many eons ago, at the dawn of the empire, I, the self-proclaimed esteemed priest of this temple of scent, created a personal philosophy for fragrance blogging. That sacred text said to review anything – even the worst of the worst – as long as it has some kind of redeeming quality.

     I have exercised this theory on many products, almost always looking for a positive to mention among the negatives. However, when I tried Mosaic from Imaginary Authors, I decided that although I had loved several other scents from the house, I couldn’t find anything nice to say about it. So, I decided not to say anything at all, and skipped forward to the next one: Memoirs of a Trespasser.

Imaginary Authors Mosaic

Imaginary Authors Mosaic

     Memoirs is a perfectly nice fragrance, probably the most tradition and ‘normal’ of the collection. As you’ll recall from my previous reviews, Josh Meyer’s scents have a collective ‘hot’ aspect to them, and I found that MOAT doesn’t, making it unique from the rest.

Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser

Imaginary Authors Memoirs of a Trespasser

     Imaginary Authors is a niche perfume house built on the idea that these made up people write novels, and the scents symbolize them. Philip Sava is credited as the author of MOAT, and the house’s website details the story:

The early exploration writing of Philip Sava bent the limits of post-modern fiction, revealing fantastical worlds that fooled many into believing they were, in fact, real. Sava’s kaleidoscopic collections, of which Memoirs of a Trespasser is the undeniable centerpiece, drew upon true experiences from his exotic travels but were infused with a hallucinatory inventiveness that set his work apart from others in the genre.

Though Sava had associates all over the world, he spent most of his time living in solitude on a ranch in southern Madagascar. When interrogated by the press on his cloistered lifestyle he notoriously answered, “Who needs love when you have cognac?”

     You’ll notice that Sava prefers Madagascar, which to those perfume lovers among you will ring a bell as to what ingredients might be prominent in this composition.

     In terms of meeting expectations, Memoirs of a Trespasser doesn’t live up to its siblings in terms of originality and creativity. As I said previously, it doesn’t have the signature hot, musky smell that every other Imaginary Authors scent I’ve tried did, but in this case that’s a good thing. Instead of something otherworldly and out-there, MOAT is a simple, simple, simple sweet vanilla with a hint of leather that is stronger at the beginning than as it fades. The only point of interest about MOAT is the excellent quality of the vanilla and how much it radiates – truly a powerhouse of a perfume, sending ripples of sweet odour into the air, assaulting the senses with a delightful, dessert-like treat.

     Verdict: I wish there was more to this perfume, but for those of you with a passion for vanilla planifolia this will be pure heaven. Almost like a creamy vanilla ice cream in a vial, Memoirs of a Trespasser could be a good start in niche perfume exploration. For the more experienced wishing to try IA, may I recommend Cape Heartache or Yesterday Haze, which are both interesting and extraordinarily pleasant on the senses.

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