Back in October I began reviewing the pack of samples I received from Imaginary Author’s Josh, a perfumer working from Oregon. I started with Yesterday Haze, a dirty, fruity concoction fit for an artistic, experimental man. Then we had The Soft Lawn, a running-shoe and grass mixture that works surprisingly well as a preppy boy’s cologne. Finally we had The Cobra and the Canary, an intense leather and manure thing that was too vivid even for me.

     Today I bring you the next instalment from this imaginative house, with Violet Disguise. Like its siblings before it, VD is an unconventional scent that might be too much for some people, but just the thing for others. Shaped with interesting fruity notes and a distinct ‘hotness’, Violet Disguise may be what you were looking for!

Imaginary Authors Violet Disguise

Imaginary Authors Violet Disguise

     Violet Disguise was released in 2012, and like the others, has a story behind it:

“Invigorated by the reckless blooms of spring she took to the street like a blossom on the breeze.” So begins Violet Disguise by Lenora Blumberg. A Californian through and through, Blumberg’s early stories invoke the innocence of picnics in the park, days whiled away picking plums in the orchard, and warm nights cruising canyon roads with the top down.

After Violet Disguise was adapted for the screen Blumberg spent several years consorting with Hollywood’s elite but abandoned the glitz for a quiet life on a plum orchard in the Ojai Valley.

     You’ll recall that this imaginary author, Lenora Blumberg, also ‘wrote’ Yesterday Haze. Indeed, Violet Disguise follows that composition like a sequel. It opens with an unmistakable honeydew and ashy, animalic plastic accord, a truly unpleasant few minutes that bring to mind a backyard party gone wrong (fruit salad on the grill, anyone?). However, this unexciting opening is replaced with a fruity follow-up in the heart, a combination of sweet summer fruits and hot liquid, like a hot fruit compote in heavy syrup with a hint of dusty sunshine. It is a strange, collective aspect of Josh’s perfumes to radiate the scent of heat – a powerful effect that gives them character and a distinctive signature. It makes the scents stand out on the skin like neon paint. The dry-down for Violet Disguise is a long one, spanning over 9 hours. It leaves a general aroma of amber, unremarkable and simple yet of good quality.

     Verdict: Violet Disguise is a good once you get past the first fifteen minutes after application, which happens to be very manageable. To label it feminine is to stretch the definition of this word, but I’m having trouble seeing a man wearing this to, say, work. In terms of longevity, I am pleasantly surprised and extremely happy to know that this will outlast most any adventures you can conjure. Lenora– er, Josh’s perfumes are so unique that you’ll stand out in a crowd no matter which of them you choose. I would place VD in third place for my favourite so far – can’t wait to see what the others bring to mind!

~ ~ ~

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