My Grandma’s Fragrant Treasures (Part 5)

     Greetings and salutations and blah, blah, blah. Let’s get smelly!

Parfums Guy Laroche Fidji

Parfums Guy Laroche Fidji

     1. Parfums Guy Laroche Fidji:

     Just what is it with older people and collecting miniature perfumes?

     This was released in 1966, and it’s 3.5 mL in volume, making it one of the smaller mini’s in grandma’s collection.

     In the bottle it smells rather praline-y, a bit patchouli/rosy, and moth-ball-y.

     Why are all of these starting to smell the same?

Anton Puig Quorum

Anton Puig Quorum

     2. Anton Puig Quorum:

     WHERE did my grandma even get all these samples?

     This is from 1982, and the notes pyramid actually seems nice.

     It’s rather pine-y, like shaving foam that tickles your face when you’re washed up.

     I like it, and wish it was still around (unless I’m mistaken and it still is?)

Maurer & Wirtz Nonchalance

Maurer & Wirtz Nonchalance

     3. Maurer & Wirtz Nonchalance:

     It’s funny that I think I know a lot about perfumes, and yet all of these are brand new to me!

     This is a 1960 German creation, and to this day is surprisingly fruity-floral.

     I accidentally got a bit on my upper lip as I smelled, and now it’s burning. Will update from the ER.

Myrurgia Maja

Myrurgia Maja

     4. Myrurgia Maja:

     1921 is the date, Spain is the location. Maja, a spicy-oriental, is born.

     Cute bottle that even looks vintage, with a picture that is most uncharacteristic in today’s moderns.

     The scent has turned sour.

Salvador Dali EDP

Salvador Dali EDP

     5. Salvador Dali EDP:

     Have you ever seen a more peculiar bottle?

     It’s double-sided, made of a glass with a finish so annoying I can’t stand to hold it.

     No juice left, so no comment on the scent. 1985.


     So that’s it, I hope you’ve enjoyed our trip through perfumery times past. There’s a few that I didn’t get to before my holiday concluded, so maybe we’ll have a part 6 when I visit next. Until then, time to get back to modern products!


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