My Grandma’s Fragrant Treasures (Part 4)

     You know the deal at this point: this is a collection of treasures/junk (who’s to say which is which?) that my grandma’s aqcuired over the years, and is now in my possession to describe to you. Let’s get started!

Bourjois Soir de Paris

Bourjois Soir de Paris

     1. Bourjois Soir de Paris:

     If there’s ever been a more regal perfume bottle, I haven’t found it.

     Made of dark blue glass with a metallic cap, this feels too important to be in the closet.

     Interestingly, it smells pretty identical to Christian Dior’s Poison. Nothing to write home about, except I guess that’s what I’m doing. Awkward.

     Also, not sure if this is from before the 1969 discontinuing or after the relaunch in ’92.

Alyssa Ashley The Essence of Tea Rose

Alyssa Ashley The Essence of Tea Rose

     2. Alyssa Ashley The Essence of Tea Rose:

     I’ve never wondered what the essence of tea rose was. Heck, I didn’t even know there’s such a thing!

     But thanks to Alyssa Ashley – whoever she is – I’m about to get very familiar with it, and I’m dragging you all down with me.

     This is a plastic roller ball that the health department would gladly shut down, weird film and all. It doesn’t say the concentration, but it’s .5 fl. oz. in volume.

     It smells like sour poison, and not the CD type – rather the BAM-you’re-dead type.

     Maybe the trash man will want this? It’s just completely beyond me how dear old granny got it.

Puhl's Lil of the Valley

Puhl’s Lil of the Valley

     3. Puhl’s Lil(y?) of the Valley:

     This is another one I found nothing about, and it’s cute enough to talk about anyway. I’ve never heard of the brand, and from my (admittedly) quick research I came up empty handed.

     The square bottle with rounded edges holds a yellow fluid that smells a little urinous and a little floral.

     I’ll be the first to admit to being unaware of what lily of the valley smells like, so if this is it, I’d like to never visit the valley, and stay clear of Lily.

     This one’s getting thrown away when all is said and done.


     That’s it for this time, we’ll see where the next post leads us! Until then, happy sniffing.


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