My Grandma’s Fragrant Treasures (Part 2)

     Do you like oddities? How about vintages? Not wines, silly, perfumes!

     If your answer is yes, keep reading, because the fragrances that came out of my grandma’s closets last summer are certainly vintages.

     And believe me, some of this stuff is really odd.

(dropped and shattered vial before I could photograph, sorry!)

     1. Christian Dior Poison sample:

     This isn’t anything groundbreaking, of course. Everyone knows Poison.

     But this is interesting to me because it is a sample, and samples of classics aren’t all that commonplace.

     Companies, at least in my experience, seem to think that everyone has had experience with their iconic perfumes, so when you ask for No 5 or Poison, you get the inevitable “We’re out.”

     This leads me to believe that this vial is quite old, and since I haven’t personally paid attention to Poison before, let’s discuss.

     Oddly enough, the first thing that comes to mind from the top notes is red grapes with rum. This is an oddly pleasant combination that isn’t grandmotherly so much as it is mature. I don’t know if this vial has changed over time, or if Dior’s reformulated it over the years, but I might want a bottle one day.

Judith Miller Musk Oil

Judith Miller Musk Oil

     2. Judith Miller Musk Oil:

     This is another fragrance from Israeli perfumer Judith Miller, who my mom tells me was huge in the sixties.

     This is a 10 mL rollerball in a dirty old glass bottle, and there’s a good 2-3 mL left.

     The only thing I smell from this is dust. I should really toss this, but I feel like it’s significant somehow.

Echt Kölnisch Wasser 4711

Echt Kölnisch Wasser 4711

     3. Echt Kölnisch Wasser 4711:

     This is family history right here; my great grandfather wore this.

     His name was Shabatai, which is Hebrew for Jupiter. He died at 95, and I never really got to meet him.

     Still, holding a miniature bottle of his signature scent makes me feel like I did know him a little after all.

     This composition is from the 1700’s, but this 8 mL bottle seems pretty recent, as vintages go. The label’s still nice and bright, and the remainders of a faded lot number are still on the bottom.

     Grandma described this as the smell of a dirty bathroom, so I was expecting lots of civet. Instead I get a very nice citrus, typical of old-fashioned colognes. There’s jasmine and some other white flowers as well, all of which makes me think grandma just really didn’t like her father-in-law.


     So there you have it, three more fragrant treasures that used to belong to my grandma, and are now in my vintage collection or in the trash. Join me next time for more discoveries!


2 responses to “My Grandma’s Fragrant Treasures (Part 2)

  1. please dont throw away the Judith Miller bottle, and its not dirty, its a sort of marbled glass. I have one exactly the same from the late 70s with only a tiny bit that gotten thicker with age. The smell is still pretty good but not perfect. I loved this perfume, to me it was very sensual. I was looking to see if i can get some more (a fresh bottle) and the first thing that came up was yr site, i was so surprised!

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