How long has it been since I’ve reviewed a bubble bath? A year and half? Sounds about right.

     I’m not one for taking long, luxurious baths – at least, not often. But when I do, I try to squeeze a few products into it. I call it ‘research’.

     Research can go one of two ways. You either get the results you wanted – in this case, a great bath – or you don’t. I’m sorry to announce that Gingerbread Sweet Indulgences bubble bath by Upper Canada Soap, which you can buy at Bed Bath & Beyond, falls into the latter category.

Upper Canada Soap Sweet Indulgences Gingerbread bubble bath

Upper Canada Soap Sweet Indulgences Gingerbread bubble bath

     The packaging is what sold me on this product. I was casually looking at towels and bed sheets, wondering why in the world someone thought a store of those would be interesting, when I spotted this and did a double take. Are my eyes fooling me? What’s this cupcake doing at BB&B? But no, it’s just an adorable plastic imitation filled with bubble bath. The base of the cupcake is orange plastic with a splat of white ‘frosting’ on the top. The label is tied on with ribbon, and the screw-on cap is in the shape of a cherry. A- for presentation, just because there’s no safety seal on it.

     I couldn’t find a scent description on the official website, but we all know what gingerbread’s supposed to smell like anyway. In fact, it’s one of my favourite scents (and food!) ever. In the packaging the product has a sweet, soapy spice scent, not really bakery but maybe like potpourri you set out in the fall.

     The performance is where this product falls flat on its face. I squeezed the about half of the container’s too-thick product under the running tap, which normally triggers a bath full of bubbles, and got absolutely nothing. Not bubbles, not fragrance, no colour change, nada. Granted, it did make the water feel soft, but that’s just about where the list of pro’s ends. I wondered if perhaps the product to water ratio was off, but even when I rubbed the product on my hands in the sink there was no reaction.

     Verdict: save your money and buy someone else’s bubble bath. This line fails in what it sets out to do. I can recommend The Aromatherapy Company instead, or one of Lush’s many products.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Upper Canada Soap at www.UpperCanadaSoap.com or follow them on Twitter at twitter.com/uppercanadasoap


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