Out of all the candles I’ve ever tried, there’s probably just one that I would be willing to spend $30+ on (being the Monarch Quince Jardins du Seda France Boxed Candle).

     I mean, seriously guys, scented wax is getting pricey! Bath & Body Works 3-wicks are currently $22.50, large Yankee Candle jars are around $30, and those are just the basic variety.

     So when I’m not trying to find the best deals on wax, I’m at the dollar store, seeing what I can find and report back on.

     This week, in the holiday spirit, Pine from Luminescence. You can find this brand at Dollar Tree, and at $1.25 for 3 oz, you really cannot go wrong.

Luminessence Pine candle

Luminessence Pine candle

     Side note: who decided to use pine trees to celebrate Christmas in the first place? *Wikipedia search* Ah, Germans. Figures.

     This Pine scented candle’s wax is a rich green colour, and the mason jar holds 3 oz. The wick was quite long, but I didn’t end up trimming it. The label on the lid reads luminessence / Pine / SCENTED JAR CANDLE / 3 oz. (85 g). There is sticker on the bottom carrying the bar code, safety information, and more. Overall, certainly doesn’t give the impression of a dollar store buy. I’m impressed!

     I’ll be honest, I’ve never been a fan of Christmas trees. All that electricity on wood scares me, and I’m glad our tradition involves donuts and Dreidels instead. This scent isn’t quite Christmas tree, though, and I’m surprised at what it reminds me of: cotton candy. It’s got a sugary sweetness to it that combined with the evergreen freshness is really pleasant, almost bakery in nature. This is probably what a fantasy candy forest smells like… awesome.

     The throw of Pine has been surprisingly good, especially for the size and price. It fills up a medium room very quickly and lasts for hours. I had no problems with discoloration, scent changes, or tunnelling.

     My verdict: You can’t beat a candle that smells good, costs next to nothing, and performs better than some really expensive ones – Pine is a great option for the holidays, except maybe for more informal gatherings.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Dollar Tree at or follow them on Twitter at


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