Fine Fragrance Mist Review: BRAZIL NUT by THE BODY SHOP

     There’s a whole lot of evil in the world.

     It’s not hard to find, all you have to do is look at the news. People are dying from evils such as war, famine, and disease every day.

     Or, even more apparent, look at popular media – the amount of evil in movies and TV shows is almost scary; it makes me wonder why we choose to immortalize this part of humanity.

     So then, to offset the contents of Pandora’s Box, there has to be a ton of good, right?

     But good is not so visible as its counterpart. Good is the long list of Righteous Among the Nations, those who donated to the ALS cause earlier this year as part of the ice bucket challenge, and Chris Brown – a mailman who saved a baby from chocking.

     There are also smaller ways to bring good to our world, and one of them is to support organizations that are helping those in need. By buying certain products from The Body Shop (although part of mega-brand L’Oréal and giant on its own), you’re helping to provide a paycheck to hardworking people around the world.

     In particular, this week’s review of The Body Shop’s Brazil Nut 100mL body mist, which retails for $12, is part of The Body Shop’s Community Fair Trade program. Ingredients for the product come from small producers and communities, and the women who do the work protect the environment by doing so.

     So if you don’t think that buying this is doing at least a hint of good for the world, you need to reexamine your definition of good!

The Body Shop Brazil Nut body mist

The Body Shop Brazil Nut body mist

     Presentation wise, you wouldn’t know this is a body mist. All of The Body Shop’s mists come in a large 100 mL glass flacon, which most other retailers reserve for the higher concentrations. The packaging is minimal, and the juice is clear. This really emphasizes the idea that the ingredients are ‘pure’ and clean, which I appreciate. As for the price, $12/100 mL is certainly not the best deal on the market, but I can forgive it. What I enjoy about the packaging is that it is uniform with the rest of the line. You could align them up on the shelf and they’d all look like they have something in common.

     I first came across the Brazil Nut scent when my mom bought a Brazil Nut body butter for a relative. I instantly fell in love, and decided to pick it up next time I was in the store. I was then presented with the eau de toilette or this spray, which I picked because while I usually value projection and longevity, this is not the type of fragrance I would want to smell of all day.

     Brazil Nut opens with an intense burnt sugar/caramel note that also smells like firewood at the same time. It then goes on to smell like maple syrup, but not the synthetic variety. Here in Canada we have maple syrup festivals in late winter/early spring, where at the end of the tour between the trees you try samples of this year’s batch, served from a giant hanging cauldron over burning logs. That fresh, nutty-sweet maple is done precisely in Brazil Nut. I suppose all this sweetness classifies it as a gourmand, but it’s hardly that simple to place. It’s an experience on its own.

     Where Brazil Nut falls short is performance, which is all too expected at this point. It lasts well buy five minutes on the skin, becoming almost nonexistent for the next few hours. I’m for one okay with this because such an intensly pleasuring scent could become old fast, but if all-day maple sounds good to you, spend the extra $2 and get the 30 mL EDT (but hurry, word is that it’s getting discontinued).

     Verdict: Rarely do I become emotional over a new scent, and never over a mist, but Brazil Nut breaks the norms. A flawless winter scent that’s nostalgic and patriotic, Brazil Nut is a sure fire winner.

~ ~ ~

You can check out The Body Shop at or follow them on Twitter at


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