Fine Fragrance Mist Review: CARRIED AWAY by BATH & BODY WORKS

     Names are everything in marketing.

     Put the wrong name on a product, and it’ll never sell, regardless of how good it is.

     Chandler Burr’s Untitled Series demonstrates this by selling known fragrances in unnamed bottles, which allows people to get personal with the scent without having an idea thrust onto them first.

     Carried Away is a good example of a name that sells the product, as opposed to the other way around. Carried Away has so many connotations: being in love and doing something you wouldn’t otherwise, floating off to another world where everything is better, strong emotions that drive dangerous actions…

     Oftentimes these connotations have nothing in common with the scent they represent, but this is not the case. Carried Away is exactly what it sounds like.

     This week’s review is for Bath & Body Works’s 88 mL Carried Away fine fragrance mist, which retails for $6.

Bath & Body Works Carried Away fine fragrance mist

Bath & Body Works Carried Away fine fragrance mist

     The bottle for Carried Away is clear in colour, long and narrow in shape, with a clear plastic cap on top of the atomizer. There is a wrap-around sticker on the bottle with a reflective ribbons design. The fragrance name, the concentration and bottle size is printed on the front. The back has the bar code and the rest of the information is on a small sticker on the bottom of the bottle. The fluid is baby blue in colour, and the sprayer distributes a very wide cloud of juice. Really good presentation that slightly reads sugar plum fairy.

     The Bath & Body Works website description reads:

Inspired by the way true love sweeps you off your feet, Carried Away is a spirited blend of raspberries, jasmine & whipped vanilla

     Okay, so the description lies. Carried Away opens with sour berries and white florals, and dries down extremely quickly to a soapy green apple with a bit of musk. Although this is a very simple fragrance that anyone could enjoy, there is a certain fantasy to this scent, a very young one. When I spray this, it’s like putting on pink lenses and looking at the world through them. It’s incredibly childish, playful, and hazy.

     The real problem with Carried Away is performance; for instance, I had to reapply twice just to review it. It fades much too fast, lasts no longer than half an hour, and projects very weakly. Quite disappointed.

     Verdict: Another discontinued ‘good’ that could have gone to great if they increased the concentration of fragrance oils. Try to get your hands on the EDT on eBay, I’m sure it’ll be better.

~ ~ ~

You can check out Bath & Body Works at or follow them on Twitter at


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